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#294508 by nzhlls
Thu Apr 04, 2019 5:09 am
Hello everybody, this is my first time using this forum.

I attempted using this site several years ago but found that personal instability led me to be unable to use it effectively. Now that those factors are no longer interfering with my life, I'm trying to start the music thing again, this time more informally, in an effort to find musicians who I can really play with, not necessarily the idealized music I listen to but more of the sound that I'm trained to play.

I can play blues, and embarrassingly sometimes to some people, a country-western music style that's heavily influenced by blues, some funk tracks like a few by George Clinton that aren't too technically challenging rhythmically like some of them, and a great deal of alternative metal/hard rock stuff that isn't particularly difficult in my opinion, either, like early NIN and AC/DC. I've been playing music since before I knew what it was, for as long as I remember, performed live throughout my formal schooling as part of academic functions, and continued to play afterwards for the rest of my life, varying between playing alone exclusively to gigging live with friends for money depending on the circumstances of these past 34 years.

I have a buddy who is 50 who I play with who seems to at least believe in my musical ability somewhat. We're both multi-instrumentalists but it's something that has been born out of necessity, i.e, switching off playing drums or bass or vocals, etc, because it's just been us two. I like to think he at least appreciates my songwriting ability as well but I also wonder if it's just kind mentorship for what might be a lost cause.

We both are pretty fed up with it but also had some bad experiences both gigging and organizing a band in the past so we're trying to get over those obstacles for the sheer love of music we share. For example, we've had band members who really only contribute a personal garage or house for practice but slack off every other way. We've had short attention span people and even been the jerk who gets carted away by police or some other personal problem temporarily. We're coming back hurting from it but not defeated, and want to try to use that relevant experience to invite some other people to come and rehearse with us.

Part of the problem, we feel, is that so many acts rush so fast towards commercializing their music into some live venue, which is understandable if you need cash. But it puts a lot of pressure on the process and makes it feel unnatural. We'd like to invite some community musicians here on NYC to come play with us on Staten Island or at a location that's more convenient for them, provided the price and commute is reasonable and can be achieved on a regular basis for everybody.

So far the discussion has concluded that the two musicians (myself and my current jam partner) are useful to play together because I put more energy and sex into the music through rhythm guitar which he tends to make overly emotionally romantic or the opposite feeling, in other words, intensely depressing, and he contributes relevantly as a lead guitar soloist in a way that I can't achieve given my ability yet, and is unique to him in a good way, too.

Part of the prob with my jam partner, though, is he really wants to do the vocalist work, but I don't think he has the appeal to be a front man. I wouldn't mind doing it but I do think there might be better people out there, and my vocals are baritone which isn't in vogue for male vocals. So we're not in complete agreement about vocals but willing to consider new people for them as well as ourselves.

What we absolutely need is a drummer since we want to do complete live sets without having to switch off. We sort of see a minimum compliment of guitar, bass, drum and vocals, with at the bare minimum, a vocalist doing one of the instruments in addition to vocals. The maximum compliment of the group would be unique individuals on drums, bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, keyboard and vocals, but we're not locked into some particular lineup as long as the chemistry between the members is right.

What I'm looking for here is just general advice into getting people into the rehearsal space and playing with us that roughly match our ability levels, have a good attitude, act mature, show up on time, and understand that we won't judge them for their personal lives beyond that if they won't judge us, and are at least willing to be friendly for now in the hopes of achieving some kind of musical friendship. There is such a variety of personality, preference and genre here that navigating it is difficult, not to mention elsewhere on the internet like Soundcloud. I really don't have a reliable way of finding jam partners, and people I know inter-personally are often just as enthusiastic about music but not musically compatible due to aesthetic differences.

Obviously, if you're in the area, you're welcome to chat and see if we can set up a time to play in person.

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