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#293634 by Planetguy
Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:32 pm
I do believe Willow Springs isn't too far from your neck of the woods....perhaps closer to your shoulder of the woods?

My b-day is 7 mos away, but if you guys chip in on this for me'll avoid the stress of last minute shopping.

enjoy the GUILD porn. i really would love to snag this one.
#293640 by Ancient Vegan
Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:27 pm
Sure Pg anything you say, where do I send the check?
#293646 by BestGuitarist
Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:09 pm
I might snag it and charge a 10% finder's fee.. :shock:
#293649 by Planetguy
Mon Jan 07, 2019 8:08 pm
Ancient Vegan wrote:Sure Pg anything you say, where do I send the check?

Who said anything about a "check"????

It's the GUITAR i want sent!
#293659 by Ancient Vegan
Tue Jan 08, 2019 4:16 pm
Then you send the guy a check Pg, that's how it works.

What's matter? Wife won't give you no money?

Sell something, and buy what you want.

That's really not what this threads about tho is it Pg?
#293663 by Planetguy
Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:01 pm
so, tell us all oh wise and all knowing one.....don't leave us in suspense any longer!

what exactly IS this thread about....since you and you alone are privy to the inner workings of my mind! :lol: :lol: :lol:

get a clue dude...i was reaching out a hand in musical solidarity to you and dane as musicians who appreciate fine instruments and have some interest in that kind of stuff. And that has your nose outta wack? really?

I also thought there'd be MUSICIANS here who might appreciate a gander at a fine old GUILD that's going for a great price.

AV instead of taking a "sad song and make it better" you're going for take a happy song and make it worse!

What's up w that, man?You looking for another pelt to add to your collection?

You should try to resist that temptation to think the worst about other's intentions.
#293664 by Mordgeld
Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:09 pm
Planetguy wrote:...i was reaching out a hand in musical solidarity to you and dane as musicians who appreciate fine instruments and have some interest in that kind of stuff...

"...I reached out my hand into the snakepit that is the Bandmix forum..."
#293672 by Ancient Vegan
Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:15 pm
I don't know where you get the hate from Pg, it must be within you.

I'm in no need of anything from you Pg, I don't think we even talk the
same language.

Have a Blessed day Pg. :D
#293675 by Planetguy
Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:50 pm
i'm coming to understand that you likely spend most of your time being confused about things.

AV, It's only your hate that you shrinkwrapped yourself in that prevents you from seeing i'm a lover.....not a hater! :D

And boy....that's a BIG one you whiffed on bro! :lol:

most others, here and gone, and the many i consider friends here have figured that simple one out. but not you!

once again, like you misunderstanding and believing i said to watch the video w the sound off ( :roll: ) miss the point entirely as you go off careening clueless and then ready, set, go... you're looking to scuffle.

you want to talk sh*t ("oh who? lil' ol' me? I'm just making observations") .....and come looking for another scalp for your collection.....i don't hate you for that. but it's kinda hard to LIKE you for that, dig?

and then if i don't roll over (because uh....what? that's what i USUALLY do when someone starts talking $hit at me????) but if instead I stand up to your silliness, even asking you why you've chosen that way to go.... you're gonna call ME a hater? that's pretty funny stuff, right there. that's pretty CONFUSED $hit too.

you should look at your reasons, dude. or not.

but pls try to be more woke.

maybe the medical grade stuff isn't for you w your questionable comprehension and confused takeaway issues. maybe dialing it back to some ditchweed in the future would be a better way to go.....maybe you'll be easier to converse with if you're not as confused about stuff. :wink:

BTW. w regards to us speaking different languages, I speak write, and have pretty good reading comprehension in American English.

Is English your second language? I believe you've shown that to be a fair question. And please accept my wishes for a great day. :D
#293702 by Ancient Vegan
Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:49 pm
You know I seem to do alright,on my own Pg.

Just cause you said it, don't make it true.

I understand how you get that way tho, isn't that how all demos do?

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