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Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:57 am
Planetguy wrote:
GLENNY J wrote:
Planetguy wrote:well, the last two posts i started about music got spammed.

why? to make some childish point.

i'd much prefer when someone has a beef w me over something i say or me out on it man to man. we'll discuss it. if i'm wrong i'll apologize.

that's what grown men do.

The fact is the last 2 threads you started had nothing to do with music.

Standing up for your beliefs and for crip2nite were just your personal attack.

You won't apologize... In my opinion there is no real need too.

But I do wish you would start to see the illogical replies you add and the hidden little digs you add. Personal attacks in the name of advancing your own personal truth.

and again....more lies and deception from you.

you know perfectly well i was referring to these two threads:

What are the odds

Size matters

yet you choose to lie about it. your arguments (lies) are built on sand.

glen, when was the last time you told the truth? about anything?

do you even know when you're lying at this point?

lies, misdirection, spreading falsehoods....a complete lack of ethics on your part.

one can only hope you demonstrate better ethics w your customers.

The fact is I call you out on your bull shiiiit more often than not. Sorry Mark, you are to busy calling the kettle black

The only problem you have is that you keep falling back on the same old liberal tactic of calling the truth a LIE.

I really have to laugh when you start using my words to attack me personally... I am avoiding any any personal attacks on you because I appreciate your musical abilities... However you are beginning to attack my " business ethics". I don't know why. That was a comment that was only backed by your opinion.

5 years ago I got crunched by the policies of a thieving government that is all, OF THE GOVERNMENT, BY THE GOVERNMENT, FOR THE GOVERNMENT.

I have overcome all that and I have no fear of your liberal government dragging me out and killing me because I am such a free spirit.

I doubt you have the personal integrity to overcome half the shiit I just did over the last 5 years without screaming for help. I can't even begin to talk about the pain government policies have caused on people that are just trying to stay warm. I can't tell you about giving, and not going after people that owe me major money because they don't have any. I can't tell you how far off base you are with your off handed comments.

Mark have a good life.... My ethics...

#224730 by Planetguy
Sun Oct 27, 2013 12:20 pm
GLENNY J wrote: However you are beginning to attack my " business ethics". I don't know why.

please spare me the false (and dishonest) indignation.

you regulary state that i think it's ok to steal... and in light of how often you bend the truth, mislead, and outright lie it calls ALL your ethics into question for me.

it's simple...

it's obvious you lie w no pangs of conscience >>> a person who lies will often cheat>>>a person who cheats will often steal.

if you don't want your ethics and integrity called into question....act ethically. act w integrity.

too often you don't.

i don't know if you lie and cheat your customers or not...that's between you and them. i only know what you show here on BM.

i'll come out and play w you from time to time in the future... but i prefer to limit my interactions w those who choose to be less than honest and straight up in their dealings w others.

Sun Oct 27, 2013 1:05 pm
Mark you amaze me at how insulting you try to become.
It is your opinionated conjectures that make you look so foolish.

It seems you need to attack me... instead all you display is your own weakness.

Run away, run away.... They shoot back. How many times you going to say that and then come back and snipe.

You got tons of rope... Keep hanging your self. :P

#224733 by Planetguy
Sun Oct 27, 2013 1:30 pm
no one's running anywhere. (didn't i just say above i'll still come out to play w you....oh, yeah. i did)

you spoil for a fight and get one.....then try to twist it like YOU'RE being attacked.

no one's buying it.

pat yourself on the back since you seem to think you've won some victory by getting me to respond to your provocation.

and by all means keep twisting the truth as it suits you.

whether you conduct yourself honestly or not with your customers is between you and them.

myself, i'd never do business w anyone i couldn't trust to be honest.

Sun Oct 27, 2013 2:02 pm
I thought you were done with your little forays into Marks fantasy land.

You are right, no ONE is buying it.... Even if I am just the one.

You are the one that made an assumptive, opinionated, attacking comment that I don't conduct myself honestly with my customers. That sir is libelous in itself. Of course there is no damage that I would even bother claim.

I just find it so curious that you would even state something like that and then backtrack and go in another direction.

I thought you had more intelligence than that, or are just so used to dealing with such stupid people that you always feel superior?

That sucks for you.

#224735 by Planetguy
Sun Oct 27, 2013 2:22 pm
no one's backtracking...i stand by everything stated above.

and if you "honestly" believe i've backtracked on anything.....let me clearly restate it for you:

you lie. you distort. you mislead and misdirect. you twist the truth to serve your purposes.

i believe a person who lies will likely also cheat and steal.

you repeatedly lie here....and so it's not too far a stretch for me to believe you might just as easily lie, cheat, and steal when it comes to friends, your wife, your business dealings.

ok, let me know if you need me to repeat that yet again just in case you STILL think i've backtracked.

hopefully that's clear enough.

Sun Oct 27, 2013 3:00 pm
You are pulling the same liberal premise that is based on opinion and not fact.
For example: Our president telling the American people that ACA will bring down cost, you will be able to keep your own doctor, and if you like your health plan you will be able to keep it.
Fast forward 4 years. Fact: Most doctors are not getting involved in these exchange plans and are refusing to accept medicare any more. Many people are giving up their plans because they are becoming too expensive because the insurance companies are being forced to pay for some one else's abortions or birth control etc. Fact medicine has become more expensive just from the medical device tax.

So you see Mark you are doing the very same thing the very head of country is doing.

And you accuse me. That is funny. I obviously bug the crap out of you because, the level that you stoop to is low. Now let me get down on my knees so that I see eye to eye with you.

If a million people say a stupid thing, it is still a stupid thing. You remind me of the blind man that shouts out he can see... As he walks into the wall.

I can see you are losing it as you becoming increasingly uncivil.

So go on. Wasn't it you that admonished me for basing my opinions on falsehood? I can see it is OK for you to do it, but not any one else.

Starting to sound just like the liberal government we have in control today.

Now don't go away mad, just put a smile on and get over it. :)

#224738 by Planetguy
Sun Oct 27, 2013 3:11 pm
gee, is someone changing the subject by talking about the gov't?????

sorry if i hit a nerve calling you out on the dishonesty and lack of ethics you show here time and again.

for the record, i'm not mad. not so sure about you though.

look, whether you conduct yourself w the same lack of honesty w your friends, wife, and business associates that you repeatedly demonstrate here....that's between you and them, glen.

you have to live w it and and face yourself in the mirror. if YOU think it's ok to be dishonest that's your call.

a man is only as good as his word.

i'll leave you to reflect on that some. hopefully you'll conduct yourself more honestly in the future.

and that's both honest and sincere, glen...whether you choose to believe it or not....i DO hope you'll conduct yourself more honestly in the future.

Sun Oct 27, 2013 3:27 pm
Mark you are like a treed cat. Now you have no way to back down.

You created a premise based on nothing and now you are trying to explain why the dogs won't let you back down.

Even better is the more you repeat your mantra the more you believe it.

Why don't you start repeating that you are one of the greatest musicians around. That would actually be more believable than most of the other crap you come up with.

Now repeat after me. Mark is great. Mark is great.

See now, wasn't that easy? Even your nose didn't grow! :(

#224743 by Planetguy
Sun Oct 27, 2013 3:45 pm
GLENNY J wrote:
Why don't you start repeating that you are one of the greatest musicians around. :(

thanks, no.

since i don't believe that be true... i won't peddle a lie and falsehood.

i'll leave that behavior to those lacking in integrity and ethics.

i know you're ok spreading misinformation. but that's your "style"...not mine.

Sun Oct 27, 2013 4:13 pm
See Mark you took it out of context. That is what I would expect.

But the fact is that even though you say you won't peddle a lie and a falsehood, that is exactly what you are doing.

You missed a word... Credibility. Maybe you should go look it up. Then you can think about it. Then you can go find some for yourself.

Right now you look like a pretzel logic liberal to every one. You are still basing everything you have posted on your on self professed opinion.

This has been fun. Nice talking to you Mark.

#224754 by Planetguy
Sun Oct 27, 2013 4:22 pm
GLENNY J wrote:See Mark you took it out of context. That is what I would expect.

took what out of context????

you're the one trying to distract and cover up bringing up obama, the gov't, cats, dogs, and who knows what other weak attemps at misdirection.

misdirection....that's what liars w no other means available must to resort to.

"nice talking to me"????

right. more lies.

nah, i doubt you enjoyed having your lying and cheating ways trotted out there.

Sun Oct 27, 2013 8:10 pm
Planetguy wrote:well, the last two posts i started about music got spammed.

why? to make some childish point.

i'd much prefer when someone has a beef w me over something i say or me out on it man to man. we'll discuss it. if i'm wrong i'll apologize.

that's what grown men do.

Sorry Mark, I had to go make some more money. Had to stop playing. You know, if you had punctuated this more, I might have interpreted this differently. Were your last 2 posts about music or were they your last 2 posts. Funny.

Mark I do have a beef with you. I saw what you did to crip. You have the ability to work at any level, to add injury to any one that disagrees with you. You were vile... he came back in the same manner.

You lied to me. I thought we agreed to be a bit civil. Obviously it depends on what or who you are attacking. Personally your attacks on me aren't even as annoying as a 'squito.

However when you draw some one I personally like into a baiting attack and they bite back... I've seen this all before.

Sorry your not even worth insulting and worse I don't have time to carry around bad feelings to any one.

I hope you "MAN" up and stop your tactics. They don't work.

I'm done right now... I don't want to insult you or tear you down...

I wanna go watch some football!

#224806 by Planetguy
Sun Oct 27, 2013 11:44 pm
GLENNY J wrote:Sorry Mark, I had to go make some more money.

one can only hope you did it honestly and above board w/o lying and deceiving anyone. :(

#224809 by jw123
Sun Oct 27, 2013 11:54 pm
Please stop it guys, you are causing me undue stress with all of this constant bickering, you sound like my ex's both of you.

If you dont stop I will be force to, to to to leave this forum forever.

I think you guys should get together and have a drink and peace pipe!

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