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#199643 by Kramerguy
Fri Dec 28, 2012 3:44 pm
GLENNY J wrote:
90% of your post is typical liberal insult, attack,

That's how you see it. I see it as simply stating the facts as I see them. None of us are government employees or remotely connected to government, so we are all really armchair quarterbacks, but also voters who each has an equal say in our beliefs, as in "we the people". Your views may be opposite of mine, but you mistake many views as "attacks" just because they aren't the same as yours.

GLENNY J wrote: the other 10% is to try and shift the logic because you have nothing else. YOU WROTE IT. Instead of going on the attack,,,, defend your own words first.

Ok, where's the "sh*t" logic in these statements, and exactly what needs to be defended (note that you never once actually critiqued anything I wrote, you just flung the word "liberal" around like an insult, then did nothing but insult).

I merely suggest rewriting it only to bring the language up to date, as well as more clearly define the balance of power- as it's obvious that the balance has been circumvented with the current rules- The SCOTUS is clearly corrupt, the POTUS has no executive hurdles anymore, and congress can't get anything done because of fillibusters and infighting.

Many of the original 10 amendments have been turned on their heads and defined to mean exactly the opposite of their intention because of "loose interpretation", and the sick part is that everyone knows it, and is apathetic to it. Our entire government has been corrupted by money and powerful lobbies. We need to update the balance of power to circumvent that vacuum as well as redefine the power of the constitution.

Have you noticed that currently almost half of the first 10 amendments (aka bill of rights) have been violated by executive orders or "acts" like the patriot act? A new constitution needs to clearly spell out that amendments cannot be overwritten by one executive, or a single act.

Let's start with those three statements. Are they factual? No, they are opinions based on facts. You most certainly are welcome to individually critique those statements with some thought-provoking rebukes and maybe, you might shed light on a different perspective that would enlighten my point of view? Maybe.

I'm betting you will likely fling your usual insults instead.

Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:08 am
Go and read your own posts KRAMER. Almost every one starts with a personal insult. I am so sorry that it is so easy to piss you off.

You really have a talent for believing your own lies. Your editing, copy and paste to eliminate the truth you have a desire to show,,, is really amazing.

Just go read your own posts. :lol:

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