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#170630 by PaperDog
Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:05 pm
Those on the east coast, who don't get much of the salient detail about the Mexican Cartels operations... The link below will describe , what I believe to be the beginning of the super-bowl of War-faring Cartels. (Its only a beginning) ... 492866.php

#170631 by J-HALEY
Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:20 pm
Phuk them I hope they all kill each other MEXICO SUCKS! Their all a bunch of Rascist hypocrites! :wink:

#170632 by PaperDog
Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:38 pm
They are all a bunch of murderers too. I still contend they exist because people buy their poisons.

Anybody that pays for dope and isnt growing their own, is a contributor to the murders.

End of Story!

#170633 by JCP61
Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:47 pm
vampires vampires
everywhere you look!
you don't need guns in Texas you just need some crucifixes and wooden steaks.

ok that was a in poor taste

#170635 by Slacker G
Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:15 pm
J-HALEY wrote:Phuk them I hope they all kill each other MEXICO SUCKS! Their all a bunch of Rascist hypocrites! :wink:

I hope they thin out the "La Raza" jerks too before they quit.

I heard a clip of audio from one of their meetings yesterday where their leader was telling them that they need to band together to defeat Americans ... Most likely referring whitey, who is the scapegoat for everything these days. Why bother? This regime has already given this country over to illegals. They have far more rights than American taxpayers.

Now if we could only hire the drug cartels to guard the boarders. :)

Yeah I know. My bad.
" you don't need guns in Texas you just need some crucifixes and wooden steaks. "

They actually grill and eat wooden steaks in Texas? I know those good old boys are always claiming how bad a$$ they are, but I thought they were exaggerating until you said that. :)

#170636 by JCP61
Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:28 pm
Slacker G wrote:

They actually grill and eat wooden steaks in Texas? I know those good old boys are always claiming how bad a$$ they are, but I thought they were exaggerating until you said that. :)[/quote]

I didn't know Eul Gibbons was from Texas
I don't know man,
I think that's taken the vegan thing a bit too far.

#170637 by PaperDog
Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:34 pm
I think its time we call in our Italian and Sicilian friends...

I once asked an old numbers runner working for the mob, what the difference between Mexican Cartels and Italian mafia was... He smiled at me and said...(to paraphrase) 'The Mexican cartels always shoot first and then ask questions later...They are barbarian...Whereas the 'families' (Costa Nostra) have more decorum, respect and class. They always ask the questions... and they conduct 'business' , they dont go on murdering sprees. ...enuf said already....

And I believe him... The Syndicate was bad ass in the day... If we gotta have crimminals and an underground, why not bring back the Italian Mafia..They made sure everybody benefited...and they showed respect for the civilians

#170640 by gbheil
Thu Apr 19, 2012 8:56 pm
There is nothing in this world more dangerous than an 18 year old American with a rifle.

This is an old quote ( I forget the source other than hearing my father's generation repeat it ) from WWII

It still applies.

Free people are slow to anger and to war.
But they are unmerciful in their pursuit of justice when finally provoked.
#170643 by Vampier
Thu Apr 19, 2012 9:46 pm
...Paper Dog ... excellent Post. I agree with you about "it" only being the beginning. The OS has only just pulled out some 9 thousand National Guard Troopers that have been on the Border for quite some time now. I wonder what difference that will make ? Homeland SS is in the process of incorporating more and more drones on the Border now and some are "weaponized". Of course they flyover Mexican Airspace as well. I believe that regardless of what one's views are re the entire convoluted mess, one thing is generally agreed upon ... It is most definately a War, an undeclared one, a covert one, an orchestrated one ... another possible agreed upon point is that it is getting worse. This being felt by both sides and the actual people who live there or very near.

As everywhere, those who suffer the most are the common people in this case on both sides of the Border. There is much hatred in many direstions and therefore no clear cut answers. It is an ultra-complicated affair and one that is constantly boiling over and now is about to go critical. Drugs, Politics and Greed ... Operation Fast and Furious ... Calderon's War on Drugs ...Immigration and work ... Religion ..many other cross cultural influences ...all are huge factors and long running ones. I am certain that there are more I have failed to mention.

The Cartel's are "pieces of work" without a doubt and I think what PaperDog related about them and the Italian Mafia is the best description I have ever heard on the subject. Calderon and his entire cabinet were all "educated" and groomed in the US. Fox and Bush, NAFTA and the North American Union, the list of deception, hidden agendas, greed, political manipulation and murder and drug crimes grow literally hourly now along with the casualties.

3-Haley Although I do not fully agree with your viewpoint you have in fact stated what a great many in the US feel and that is undeniable. I most certainly have no answer for the mess and am at this time only thankful that thusfar it has not affected my Wife and I directly. Nevertheles it is everywhere and does affect us and everyone indirectly ... this also is undeniable. Your statement effectively demonstrates the utter unsolvability and frustration shared by many on both sides on this Border.

PaperDog is correct about the Cartels being murderers and that they would not exist without customers. This is fact. The reasons for the existence of the Cartels extend far beyond Mexico but that does not allieviate Mexico of the responsibility or the blame. The Mexican Government has much blood on it's hands and always has done. It is no coincidence that Obama's and Calderon's terms both end this year. This was devised and planned long ago. Political History is one of the most despicable forms and in Mexico it has been and is now much more so.

JCP61 ... I agree with you ...there are vampires of many sorts virtually everywhere in the Mexican Border States. It is not so bad further south in that the "Church Clan" has kept control of the human livestock there to a greater degree. Ther is an older Mexican Film called "Harrod's Law" which is worth seeing as it demonstrates very well the mindset in Mexico ...before the present and a bit into it. Mexico is filled with crucifixes and Stakes ...and vampiros of all manner.

Mexico is a vast country with a huge coastline and about every type of geography that exists excepting polar. It has much in flora, fauna and natural resources. It is rich and vibrant in it's culture and on the Border it is utterly corrupt, dark and deceptive... like the Cantina Scene in Star Wars. It has been thus for quit some time ... a country corrupted by a corrupted religion and corrupt political system. In other words it is not all bad by US standards.

But that being said the "Border" is on the brink and this is directly woven into the "on the brink" that exists in the US at this moment. I can speak with a bit of experience and relevance but by no means am I am expert. Paper Dog has an odd knack for going directly to the throat, the sliver, the heart, the essence, the straw on the camel or in this case burro's back. He is here once again spot on I feel. The relevance of the current war in Mexico is very pivitol and directly related to the Police State being finalized in the US and the domination of the entire world by "whatever" one wishes to call it. What happens on the Border both in Mexico and the US directly indicates and is intimately related to the overall future of both of the entire countries. This has been obvious by the way the Borer War has been "managed". It is a keystone in the overall plan. I firmly believe that this is true and as such makes the entire affair even more complex and important while explaining a bit the ""why"" it is occuring and the attention and overall weirdness that pervades throughout. I do not understand it completely and only "feel" I do in part. It is a good subject and I am very interested to see what posts result. Ta

#170648 by J-HALEY
Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:37 pm

The answer IMO is deport as many as possible, have voter i.d. take away a persons business if they are proven to be hiring illegals. put the military along the border, patrol the area if fired upon SHOOT TO KILL! Some folks call me a xenophobe. I live down here in the THICK of it all. Houston is and has become more of a MAJOR DISTRIBUTION point for all of mexico's illegal activity. You would not believe the things that go on here. I have worked with these hypocritical RASCIST all of my life and frankly I am SICK AS HELL OF THESE phukers! Mexico SUCKS! :evil:

#170650 by JCP61
Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:28 am
you guys had me think'n that Texas was a pretty hot local,
sounds like you got your hands full just holding on to it.

#170651 by gbheil
Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:31 am
It saddens me because many of these people are for the most part decent hardworking God fearing folk whom are just doing what they feel they must to be free of tyranny and be able to give a better life to their children.
It's also sad that they cannot fathom that by breaking our laws and burdening our infrastructure without any taxation to support the goods and services they receive they invite and support the same form of tyranny they fled into our country.

You cannot run from your problems.

We the men whom seek liberty and justice on both sides of the boarder should put our boots on the necks of the government and corporate thieves whom enslave us. And do it TOGETHER.

Instead we allow those same organized criminals of corporate and government to separate us with hate.

It's our hate of injustice that should join us to shrug off not only the bondage of those whom would control but the slow bleed of the leach class that are sucking us of our economic life blood.

#170653 by MikeTalbot
Fri Apr 20, 2012 2:18 am
True dat...

But there is another side to it - I work and have worked for a long time now, with a lot of H1Bs / greencards / etc from China, Africa and India. They play the game by the rules, want to become citizazes and go through a ton of hassle.

Given the govt's great love for (illegal) imigrants do you suppose they might have an agenda in making it so hard to be a legal immigrant?

Why is a wetback laborer, however noble his motive (and I concede that) be of more importance to this country than highly skilled indiviiduals obeying the law, taking no govt services and paying taxes?

This is the dark night before the dawn. Everything is bent. Everything is inverted. I find that actually kind of creepy.


#170658 by J-HALEY
Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:04 am
Mike it is simply that the squeaky wheel gets the oil! This country is being INVADED by ALIENS and there ain't one bit of difference between what is really happening and that movie with Charlie Sheen! Folks its happening! These United States are under attack by an enemy FROM WITHIN! It will be a COLD DAY IN HELL! That I let ANY GIMMEGRANT be they FROM any race creed I DON'T GIVE A PHUK! IMO if you come to this country LEGALLY I WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS! If you break OUR LAWS to come here as an ungratefull @$$hole seeking an agenda, guess what? I DON'T CARE HOW MANY YOU ARE PHUKER THERE ARE MORE OF US THAN YOU! :wink:

#170659 by PaperDog
Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:05 am
Vampier Wrote: I firmly believe that this is true and as such makes the entire affair even more complex and important while explaining a bit the ""why"" it is occuring and the attention and overall weirdness that pervades throughout. I do not understand it completely and only "feel" I do in part. It is a good subject and I am very interested to see what posts result.

Vampier, and others... here is some food for thought... (Strictly my speculation)

The leader of cartel: "Los Zetas" is Alejandro Trevino. At one time he was a soldier for the Mexican Elite Army . He received Special Ops training right here, in the US, courtesy of Uncle Sam, and the U.S.Mexico alliance treaties that exchange military training.

This man is an expert in Explosives, Communications, Prisoner rescue, warfare tactics and is responsible for ordering thousands of killings in and around Nuevo Laredo (which appears to be is Zeta HQ) and Juarez.

Never mind that this is the work of a sociopath... Here is the real kicker... What we have been calling illegal immigration on our side, is more or less an 'exodus" from their side.

The real war in Mexico began as a Class warfare. In Mexico, you are either wealthy or poor...there is no middle class. In Mexico @15% of pop is actually wealthy (maybe 2 % are not govt) ...The rest are poor.
In Mexico, A rich man views a poor man as an 'undesirable' So, he stabs the undesirable man in the back by kicking him out of the social circle. Enter Colonias...Here, the down trodden shall gather... The next step...America! For years We have been absorbing the rejected of Mexico.

Now, Along comes an undesirable, who has a mind and talent for destruction, sociopathic tendencies, and a vile hatred against his castigators (The Mexican Wealthy and the Mexican Govt (who is in bed with the wealthy) ). Fully armed and trained, this guy has turned class warfare into a civil warfare. It became evident when Mexico's very corrupt police force started dropping dead from copious amounts of assassinations.

When we read about a dozen decapitated torsos getting dug up, this is no longer about serial killing and its not about deliberate target discernment on somebody's hit-list... It is a grand sweep against an entire movement.

The war consists of a four-fold adversarial components and context:
1) Cartel Orgs Battling each other for control over key strategic geographical turf, for the purpose of drug sale & distribution
2) Civil forces (i.e Police) who burned political and economic candles at both ends... They extorted the Cartels for years under the Protection of the Mexican Govt. After bleeding the Cartels, they betrayed them further by taking sides and alliance (cooperation) of the Cartels... Today, no police officer in Mexico is safe (nor his family)
3) The Mexican Govt, also betrayed the Cartels and took sides , showing generous support to the Highest Bidders... The Zetas, Sinolio cartels ... One is a rebel force, the other is an Empire force... metaphorically speaking... Thus the fight now extends beyond drug corridors and is a geo-political war as well.
4) Civilian population, currently unarmed and not allowed to own weapons... This has spawned some fringe groups, who add gasoline to the existing fire. Anybody remember the group "Anonymous"? Those guys are the hackers who threatened and IT /Communications war against the Zetas. They backed down...

Out of Diplomatic and alliance protocol, The U.S. Government will naturally support the Mexican Government. If the Mexican Government opts to support the Zetas, then Guess who the US Government will be supporting?

Fast and Furious was a botched delivery from the US. I have no doubt the Mexican Govt requested those weapons, and I have no doubt it was for the cartel they are supporting.

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