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#295722 by hoodoonic
Thu May 05, 2022 2:51 pm
I setup an account on hoping to compile a list of venues along with contacts to book my musical groups. At first it seemed like a great deal, lots of information.

Turns out, almost 80% of the information on there is either inaccurate, outdated, completely wrong, or the venue doesn't even exist any longer.

So on the day that my subscription was supposed to end they charge me $50 for a useless service. There is no real contact information on their website, just an info email. So I sent them a request to cancel my subscription. Not a peep from them and yep, lo and behold $50 came out of my account.

I went to their Facebook page and posted my displeasure. I immediately got a response that stated,

We are sorry you fell that way. We must have missed the email from you. Yes, our information is a bit dated as COVID took out a ton of music venues. That's why we have a button that you can click to help update the database. As for the price. 50 bucks a year seems cheap to us.

So they admit they had useless information and they also want the consumer to do their work in verifying if venues are active or if the information is right and then click some button to submit to them and charge you $50 for this? That just screams scam and laziness. $50 is not cheap for what they admit is dated information. And they missed my email? More likely they chose not to respond to collect their bogus $50.

I have asked for a refund that I don't expect will ever happen. I'm most likely out $50 that I could have used for something worthwhile.

I am going around social media and music forums posting my experience so others avoid this useless and unethical website and save their $50 and, in all honesty, time. Avoid them, don't register, and if you have the desire or ability, let other musicians know to do the same.

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