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#295361 by cooldude5
Wed Jul 15, 2020 8:01 pm
To all the music lovers out there, make sure you add Randy Hall’s new Spotify single “A New Way of Love” onto your playlists! The hit blends well with other artists, especially songs by Post Malone.

Listen to “A New Way of Love” On Spotify! ( at: )

Randy is most notably known for his key role in Miles Davis' classic 1981 comeback song "The Man with The Horn", as well as from his own Top 20 R&B hit "I've Been Watching You". The release of The Man With the Horn gave Hall a lot of exposure and as a result of his singing on the title track, he was invited to join the soul/funk band Pleasure.

The new love song shines a bright light on Hall’s roots as a soul artists. The smash hit also highlights his smooth producing skills. The sexy new single includes supremely pocketed beats, bass and ambient guitar blends beautifully with delicious female backing vocal garnish, paving the way for the soulfully swaggering lead vocals. The chorus itself has a sweet ear-bending harmonic surprise
kissed to life by backup singers Medina Johnson and Patrice "KP" Isley while the
rhythm track gives those mature enough to remember a masterful Barry White

Most recently, Hall has been working with collaborator Elliott Small. Hall produced, wrote the music, and played piano and guitar on Small's album This Season's Collection. Hall also wrote the lyrics for two songs on the album: "Share Your Love" and "Delightful".

Check out the “A New Way Of Love” Video on YouTube! ( at:

Where is Randy Hall now? Currently, he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he has a production studio, and he performs locally, nationally, and internationally. He has hopes to see the world heal from the pandemic and be able to produce an amazing record and go “set the stage on fire!”

Keep up with Randy’s touring and news updates at: ( at: )
Facebook ( at: )
Instagram ( at: )
Twitter ( at: )
Soundcloud ( at: )

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