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#295065 by Badstrat
Sat Nov 09, 2019 5:03 pm
One of these days an obscure Leftist will rise to power and he will desire to control everything around him. (As all Leftists do) Secretly he will desire to rule the whole world. (As all Leftists do) Ignorant people world wide will admire his Leftist policies and aid him in his insatiable lust for power (As all useful idiots do) Eventually he will demand the people accept his every whim. (As all leftists do) And everyone who goes against him shall be severely punished. (As all leftists punish their adversaries) Yet those who support his desires he will reward. (As all leftists reward evil) Eventually he will develop a god complex and it shall make him demand that the people worship him. (As all leftists wish to be worshiped) This leftist will have a number, and that number will be 666. Look around you. The whole world is being prepared for that leftist

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