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#294941 by Badstrat
Fri Sep 27, 2019 6:35 pm
Judge blocks testimony that Dallas cop acted reasonably in shooting neighbor

A judge has blocked testimony in the trial of a former Dallas cop who claims she mistakenly shot her neighbor last September thinking that the apartment she entered was her own. That blocked testimony was from the lead investigator who explained just to the judge why he thought Amber Guyger's actions were reasonable. ... -neighbor/


Bombshell!! In a press release this morning leading Demons vow retribution

After discovering that the man was in his chair eating ice cream, Dems led by Adam Shitt, Nancy Polosi, and Chucky Schumer demanded justice. This caused all the presidential hopefuls to band together in a rare moment of unity and proclaim to the TV cameras :

"If Elected, I will ban icecream as my first act to protect the public from anything like this ever happening again"

Then Demoncraps called for the immediate impeachment of Donald Trump for his part in this criminal act.

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