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#279512 by Badstrat
Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:17 am
Dear DACA beneficiaries

I’m sorry that a lawless belligerent president acted illegally and violated the constitution in order for you to stay here. I’m sorry that American taxpayers footed the bill for all your education, most likely even fed you, and possibly housed you. I regret that you are getting preferential treatment over American citizens, preferential treatment that you do not deserve nor have you earned in any way. Some of you have even taken jobs from American children and have enjoyed many other benefits that American children do not get. I’m referring to those benefits that you get because the political system spits in the face of the citizens who elected them to ENFORCE our laws, and instead coddle you who are breaking our laws, and then fight to make your illegal status legal.

However you have a wonderful opportunity to redeem yourselves by going back across the border with your American education and coming back to America legally. In the meanwhile American children can fill the jobs you would take until you get back here legally. So why don’t you quit pissing and moaning and demanding rights that do not belong to you? Why don’t you return to where you belong and just be grateful for all that you have gained at American taxpayer expense already? Please just get the hell out of Dodge. And why don't you bleeding heart politicians simply enforce the laws as they are written and start supporting American taxpayers instead of always being on the side of lawbreakers. Better yet... why don't you rotten lying bastard politicians go with them since you represent them more than the American fools that believed all your lies and promises and elected you.
#279514 by J-HALEY
Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:31 am
God forgive me for saying this. I have been to hell and back!

Having said that I have to say that this country has had HATE brewing and festering for almost 9 years now. Evil has become good, and good has become evil! It is my belief that God has allowed the apocalyptic events that are happening to humble humanity and perhaps destroy us if we refuse to heed his warning!
I have to say if you believe this to be a joke, you should walk a mile in a Houstonians shoes!
Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:42 am
Forgive me for saying this...

Wait until we see what hits Florida. It's like sometimes you break a leg, and then your dog gets killed. Houston knows when it rains , it pours.

Slacker... Very well stated.
Everyone that is fighting this is basically saying, any American citizen, DOESN'T MATTER!

Just ask KATE STEINLE.... Oh I have to point out all her rights were violated by a lawbreaker, and all the politicians that facilitated that lawbreaker... THAT KILLED HER, FOR NO REASON!

Immigration reform... How about dancing to the song that has been playing so well, for so long...
Did you know Finland is only allowed 530 LEGAL immigrants a year? Just an example. But I bet those 530 immigrants would never pick up a gun against KATE STEINLE!
All you that endorse breaking the law should be disgraced!

I well understand this does NOT FIT in with all this NEW WORLD ORDER KRAP! AL GORE and SOROS... GO TO HELLLL!
#279517 by Badstrat
Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:30 pm
It is worse than you think. DACA is just another scam.

Just how many people know that DACA repeal is not about deporting illegals? DACA is a program that allows non citizens to collect food stamps, housing assistance, medical aid and every other government give away program that citizens get. No one would be deported, only the taxpayer giveaways would stop. However no one wants you to know that. Instead they want you to think that all these 23 year olds and under will be deported.

This power hungry lying batch of reprobate politicians are scamming the American taxpayer again so that illegals will be able to steal from the taxpayers when they enter the country illegally. This is just another step in nullifying the vote of the American people through purchasing votes from illegals when they become legal down the line. In other words the liberals and the progressives are working yet another scam to retain power over you.

Unfortunately trump buckled. He could have put funding for the wall in the budget but he didn't. He gave away the leverage that he had. No wonder polosi and schumer were so ecstatic. trump gave them everything they wanted. And rather than cutting any pork from the budget for Texas assistance, they increased the budget again to pay for it. So in other words the the relief (which I am all for) isn't government kindness it was rushing to steal money from future generations and get votes at election time while boasting how rapidly they responded to the disaster. NOTHING good comes out of DC. Everything is connected to retaining power against the wishes of US citizens and replacing them with voters who like how this heavy handed non representation top down totalitarian government works. So it is business as usual. Use everything as a political event to retain power against the American citizen. DACA is just another ploy to make citizenship of no value. We count for nothing and that is the way they want to keep it.

Texans, you have already been forgotten. You are old news already. The push for illegals to continue stealing money from citizens has taken your limelight. Your government loves lawlessness and wishes to make lawlessness permanent through supporting DACA. Now the storms are the headlines and climate change will take the spotlight when some political ass isn't lying and playing the DACA sympathy card. Not to worry. As opposed to the government stealing from the wallets of future generations of Americans to pay for assistance, Americans are charitable and will willingly give from their hearts to assist you.
Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:25 am
Now that is a completely different George...
Total agreement.
I know all this Slacker, don't need to preach to a mirror.
(You may be better looking, but thats not a problem. My wife still thinks I'm OK.) :)

Not easy getting older. Lifeguard screamed at me for peeing in the pool...
Scared me so much I almost fell in. :roll: :lol:
#279539 by Vampier
Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:27 pm
Haley ... well stated.
George ... well stated.
Glen ... well stated.
Slacker ... awesome.
Sat Sep 09, 2017 10:44 am
george1146561 wrote:It's not a "different George". My position on any political issue includes PRACTICAL, POSSIBLE solutions. I have little use for anyone from any side of the political spectrum who does nothing but rant and moan about how bad things are. I also have little use for anyone who proposes totally unworkable solutions.

Yes it is. I could be wrong but in my opinion you have not stated consistent positions.
No it's not, because...
Discussing anything should not be labeled a rant or a moan.
Sometimes solutions require thinking outside the box. I get that, and that what someone thinks is reasonable and practical may not be...Any reasonable discussions that are free of personal insults, should be taken with consideration.
Other than that we must be careful of tearing down things that work based on law and based on cultural history. We have lawmakers trying to fix problems that only exist because they helped create them... Coincidentally...HMMMM.

Please don't take this as an attack George... I don't know you well enough. Read between the lines.
#279556 by Badstrat
Sun Sep 10, 2017 2:36 pm
Sunday morning propaganda, as usual. Every politician running to get in front of a microphone and TV camera to defend the poor little invaders (Most of them 20 - 30 year old DACA recipients). Not a single political whore even mentioning the rights of being a citizen or about the opportunities that are being taken from AMERICAN "DREAMERS". F.U. American citizen, you are not important in the least. What a bunch of sewerage from the ruling elite.

Will Hell even accept these reprobates?

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