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#293315 by Vampier
Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:16 am
Dayne Ta for your Post and you having the balls to state openly that you click upon the links. I first off reccomend that you check out a Y-Tuber "Richie from Boston" regarding your question. Celestial and Planetary changes which the laughingly called "Elites" have long known were coming ... are here. Global Warming is a Farce, a Lie and a distraction from REALITY. This winter will be colder than any previous and an Ice Age has now begun which will decimate crops the world over. Look at the weather maps which clearly show that the cold has crept southward farther and faster than any have been prepared for. Geo-Engineering and Chem /trails are seeding destruction everywhere. The Eastern part of the USA Inc. is being targeted due to it's massive population centres and populations who have GUNS. 5 G is also fast becoming a major consideration. FEMA has never been what it pretends to be. The Eastern Skies are darkening much earlier in the day than ever before. Many are noticing this and commenting upon it. The weather control exhibited in the glut of destructive hurricanes bear witness to this intent. ... the Gobalist Filth along with the Jesuit/Vatican/Zionist Scum are making their move to establish their coveted NWO. The masses are becoming more and more awakened and Evil Entities like the EU are fighting now for their lives increasingly more and more. The masses need to go "Medieval" on these imaged "Leaders". Merkel. May, Macron ... these and more of such sewage need to be "removed" PERMANENTLY just like The Hag and her ilk along with the PussBag Soros. They mean to exterminate most of Humanity and to alter what little remains. It is quite simply a FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL now. Any who fail to understand this nor see it and recognize it are truly blinded by ignorance, retardation and denial. Of course all this has long ago been prophesized by a great many sources.
#293316 by schmedidiah
Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:48 am
Vampier wrote:be loving

This is the new Vamp quote I'm gonna hold onto. Sincerely, bug fart who will die a horrible death very soon :lol:
#293333 by Vampier
Mon Dec 10, 2018 5:17 pm ... the Storm ? a Fairie Tale ? Reality or Fantasy ? "Let them eat crumbs" ... Does France still have Guillotines ?
#293513 by Vampier
Fri Dec 21, 2018 4:03 pm the ignorant are beginning to awaken but the STUPID remain so. Does this also reflect BM ????? I wish everyone here all the best with what approaches during the Winter Solstice (today if you do not know what it is) ... XMAS in THE USA INC. and the False "New Year". Trot off to your nearest MONUMENT of SPIRITUAL SLAVERY on the FALSE SABBATH and give your "god" some money as he always seems to need it.
#293519 by Vampier
Fri Dec 21, 2018 6:53 pm
Planet Guy ... thank you and best wishes to you as well. ...this is for all the frogs (not Frenchmen) who do not fathom why many others and myself have left THE USA INC. long ago. It is food for thought for those who take the time to listen and think. Of course I nor anyone else will agree with all that is related here but the general message is different for those who are critical Thinkers and who are not "frogs".
#293526 by schmedidiah
Sat Dec 22, 2018 12:59 pm
Vampier wrote: "frogs".

more name calling! I love it! :lol:

schmedidiah wrote:
Vampier wrote:be loving

This is the new Vamp quote I'm gonna hold onto. Sincerely, bug fart who will die a horrible death very soon :lol:
#293530 by Vampier
Sat Dec 22, 2018 4:38 pm ... 5 G is a new ENEMIE. Look and see the 5G.

After JAN-1-2019 I will no longer be attempting to reach the unreachable. I will shift the focus onto the demise of this Dying World through Essay, Art and the Factual Realities which will be increasing in number and intensity as THE USA INC. is put to DEATH using the finance and rampant Denial and Stupidity of the Dumbed Down Retarded Masses.

There is precious little time left for us all now. I suggest you use it well and not in the cause of EVIL. The only "Safe Haven" lies truly within the Self. Delaying the realities will only intensify them in the throes of Death which is coming to us all. Intelligence is of little use without Awareness as is Awarness without Intelligence. For the True Musician now there is only one course open and it involves the utter dedication, devotion and expression of , once again, THE SELF.

The sides have long been chosen and now are consolidated but surrounded by the teeming mocking, denying, stupid, retarded and ignorantly incapable ... who pose as Human in their regressive and lost state. There is no longer any "Hope" for them ... soon they will be killing, raping and eating one another ... Zombies not men. Talbot knows this as does Slacker, Glen and a very few others on BM.

I must now switch my limited efforts from trying to awaken the comatose to looking after MY SELF and those of the very same ilk and qualities. On the one hand "Time" slows whilst upon the other it quickens ... such is the result of merging Worlds and Dimensions. One need not be an "Einstein" to understand this. And those who do not understand or at least suspect at This Moment ... will never ever .

The gaggle of mocking subhumans will increasingly show who and what they are ... all of which regardless of how hard they may try ... will only diminish themselves with the passage of Time . They are now or will become very soon completely insignificant to not only themselves but also others. There is no need to pity them nor give any attention to them any longer. They have become living corpses whose expiry date is hastening more quickly every Day and Night now.

The stench of CHAOS spreads like the sweet smell of rotting dead which has always caused me to salivate. The Last Moments are here, they have arrived and will not depart until they have diminished in number to NULL. That Struggle known as "Life" is about to erupt into a brutal WAR with equally brutal BATTLES. If you can not percieve this at this late date then you are doomed.

I apologize in part for how my writings will now take on a rather "DARK" perspective". Look Up as your END is indeed nigh. Some of us are very different from others and we all are about to witness this in great intensity and magnitude. Mercy in this place is declining rapidly and this will be come a reliable "filter" for any who can understand this. Be True to Yourself or now Become True to Yourself or embrace the Second Death.

Do not let what comes take from you any last vestige of Humanity lest you become only an Evil Entity with animalistic "qualities". ... please take this with a grain of salt and a grain of sulpher. ... the NATO Acolyte of the USA INC. readies itself to stupidly provoke the Great Russian Bear. This will not play out well for any of the involved Nations. ... this is for only those who wish to fill in the blanks so to speak on information they already know. It details the history of the Satanic and Luciferean Illuminauti, Free Masons, CFR, UN and the New World Order. It is lengthy since it goes into great detail.
#293545 by Vampier
Thu Dec 27, 2018 4:54 pm ... Evil does in fact RULE the World and The USA INC. as well. ... THE USA INC ... some of you uneducated dolts on here have taken exception to my referencing regarding the country of your enslavement ... well watch and learn if you are still capable.

What you "think" and what you "percieve" your country to be, your "Constitution" to be and even who you think you are and your "Rights"to be .... well think again. It is time for those who actually have a basic understanding of what is and what has been going on ... to grow a set of balls, clear your polluted brains and get straight with Your Creator and begin "committing" some RIGHT ACTION. As for the rest ... do not waste your time any longer.
#293557 by Vampier
Sat Dec 29, 2018 4:32 pm ... Islam ... a religion of "pieces" not "peace". ... Politicians ??? "elected" ... for the "people"...

#293560 by Planetguy
Sat Dec 29, 2018 7:51 pm
Vampier wrote: As for the rest ... do not waste your time any longer.

hmmm. i DO love irony, but in the interest of keeping the peace, and staying w the holiday spirit... I'll resist the temptation to make any comment that might be construed as a shot across your bow. :D

Vampier, I wish you and your's the best for a happy, safe, and productive new year.
#293570 by Vampier
Mon Dec 31, 2018 4:52 pm
Planet Guy ... Ta very much for your best wishes and "restraint". Let us hope this year is better than the last and I shall restrain from stating anything further regarding that. ... here is something I stumbled across so to speak. It concerns "moving" to Mexico. It might be of interest to those who may be thinking of leaving The USA Inc. or those who criticize doing so and accuse any who do of being a "coward or traitor".
#293580 by Vampier
Tue Jan 01, 2019 5:57 pm
And I forgot to include those retarded who are not in either of the two groups I mentioned. Ta for reminding me "BugFart". :lol: ... CENSORSHIP ???? no something far worse.
#293582 by schmedidiah
Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:11 pm
Vampier wrote:And I forgot to include those retarded who are not in either of the two groups I mentioned. Ta for reminding me "BugFart". :lol: ... CENSORSHIP ???? no something far worse.

Vampier wrote:be loving


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