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#295102 by Badstrat
Tue Dec 03, 2019 5:52 am
Vote For Donald J Trump And Keep America Great

 It is great to see you guys posting and bringing some life to this section. I want all you guys to realize that no matter what the lying liberal news media (PRAVDA) says about president Donald J Trump day in and day out, he is going down as one of the greatest presidents in the history of America. And no matter how many deep state fraudulent lying Demoncrap and RINO scum try the frame him, he is a blessing from God given to us to save America from likes of obama, pelosi, schumer, schiff and many of the RINOS who have run America into the ground. I doubt that any man among us could take the daily abuse heaped on him and his family and continue to do a great job, as he continues doing. God bless Donald J Trump. Can we all say AMEN?

 Jobs have increased under Trump. He has rid us of a good many partisan liberal obama judges, he has prospered the economy and started making America Great Again as he promised. He has given us respect from the deadbeat nations that were taking advantage of the American taxpayer among other things. I know you all would agree because agreement is what truly makes us Americans. In spite of all odds against him, God made him president to save us from the destructive policies of the clintons, the obamas, the pelosies and the likes. Look at joe biden and other top dems. All filthy rich from doing nothing but benefiting from graft and corruption as they "serve" in government. Politicians on both sides, however more so on the left, have become filthy rich on their meager government salaries and having done little if anything in the corporate world. They promise the American citizen everything but deliver nothing. They thrive and amass great wealth through graft and corruption. All but Donald J Trump that is. He is actually losing money by being president.
  I do want my cherished liberal friends to know that I haven't read any posts since the last ones I made. Why, you might ask? Well it's because I live by my own advice, the very same advice I always give to the liberal bitchers and whiners. After all, that advice is rooted in wisdom from on high. And that advice is this. No one is forcing anyone to read any posts, in fact you need to click a link to read them. But I'm sure you will continue to read my posts simply because I always have interesting things to say without graphs or cartoons. I truly do believe this could be an enjoyable experience-for everyone. It may even increase activity so nobody falls asleep here.
  Recently I could actually feel some dissension building. Even from a guy from the land of fruits and nuts. Go figure. I did read a couple of his posts. Therefore I did not care to read any more. Many libs simply paste irrelevant moronic cartoons and the likes that would not stir my intellect whatsoever, so why bother? And what, God forbid, if someone said something rash in anger against me?  I might respond in kind and perhaps even regret it later on. I doubt that any of you libs would do that but you never know.
  You need not read my posts as I have no intention of reading any of yours. After all what could you possibly have to say that would interest me? Only irrelevant false media lies and regurgitated liberal fraudulent fact checks. Reading them would be rather like looking in the toilet for something good to eat. I'm sure you can understand. But I can post and you can discuss my posts among yourselves! That would be fun. :)

  I certainly don't wish the fondness we share here at Band mix to ebb away. I feel needless silly bickering might do harm to that wonderful brotherly love we share for one another, especially in this season of love and sharing.  

  I also realize that being blinded to the truth really is not the fault of the liberal. After all the liberal can not accept truth for the truth is not in him. Only Jesus Christ is truth. The fool denies God and therefore can only accept the lies of his father, the Devil, who is the father of all lies. For that reason it is in the carnal nature of the liberal to be deceived. How can you blame them for what God has put upon them? Albeit there is still hope for his salvation. Peace to all and do not forget to vote for Donald J Trump so America may continue prospering.  :)
#295104 by Mordgeld
Tue Dec 03, 2019 5:45 pm
Badstrat wrote:...He has rid us of a good many partisan liberal obama judges...

Unless I'm mistaken, the President can only appoint judges; he cannot fire them.
#295138 by Badstrat
Fri Dec 06, 2019 7:42 pm
Common Libs.

You know this thread was tongue in cheek didn't you Gulag McStradinsky? No need for hostility. :) :) :)
Yes you are right. He did not "get rid" of judges only appointed conservative ones. Point taken.

OOPS I accidentally read this thread. Temptation can get to the best of us at times. But this is the only one I have read. Just wanted to see if you took it seriously.
#295139 by Mordgeld
Fri Dec 06, 2019 9:16 pm
I realize you are just amusing yourself by trolling the forum but if you ever hope to actually bring others to the support
some of the conservative tenets, you'll need to stop being so condescending.

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