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Sat Mar 10, 2018 10:45 pm
Vampier wrote:Ancient Vegan ... you are correct, it was a good one. Everyone in all schools should be forced to watch this. ... So called "organizations" like the UN, EU, CFR, FBI, CIA, DHS, and the list goes on and on and on ... ARE ALL COMPROMISED OR INDEED FOUNDED BY THE FILTH WHO OPPOSES HUMANITY. The hypocrisy is so rampant that the masses can not even see it. For them there is nothing else to compare it to. The older I become the more disgusted I become and the most brutal I feel the "reactions" to this shite should be. It is time for a PURGE of massive proportions. One that no pathetic puny man can create ... it will be initiated by the Creator and it will dwarf anything imaginable. The circus of the EU will continue until it is crushed like a flea because all the members and all the "Officials" are so far gone on their ego trips that they will waffle on and on in their meetings and allotted one minute moments of clown time until they are utterly destroyed, eradicated and silenced FOREVER. Kind of like us on this Forum I guess.

And now that elections are coming ... the lying Filth like Macron and others are changing their lies to gather votes in order to remain in power in order that after their elections they can all get together and STAB those idiots who re-elected them in the back. It is sooooo phucking obvious that an informed child could see it. The Europeans have been befuddled and castrated to such a horrid extent that they are doomed in their charade of "civilization."

That was little heavy Vamp. I don't want to scare people like Mark. The one thing he doesn't quite get... THE LAW IS MEANT TO PROTECT ALL. However it is not meant to protect people that are protected under the law , but are not presently being protected by the law, because people not being protected by the law are being protected by the law.

All you stupid people... That is why there are wars.

I'm waiting till it is no longer funny.
#284163 by Vampier
Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:05 pm ... Logic is ceasing to prevail upon every quarter now. Glen, that is why we ARE fighting a losing battle in trying to open other's minds, eyes and hearts. We are literally surrounded by "The Fallen" and now encouraged by their numbers and influence ... they quite simply do their "Master's" bidding. Yet I firmly believe that we are not fighting any losing battle. On the contrary, our percieved "Deformities" only highlight our values and distinction from the rest of the Zombie Masses.

The day and night is fast coming when we will not be able to tolerate them any longer ... nor they us. When this happens it will not be a question of "Forgive them for they know not what they do" but rather They know very well what they are doing and there can be no longer any "forgiving" only Defending and helping them along their way to their hideous ultimate fates. It will be a less kind but much more effective type of "Social Work". Then reality will rear it's head and it will be how many can we make die before they kill us. I know this sounds harsh and that I have been rather harsh as of late. I have my reasons and these are dictated by the "Times" not chosen by me. I choose a Path of not ignoring, denying and failing to believe the growing reality of the Truth around me.

RESPONSIBILITY and DUTY to myself, my Family and my Creator. Any mistakes I make will be dealt with harshly and quickly. I can accept that because I will have to accept it. Therefore I choose my Path ... not anyone else. The consequences shall fall where they may and I will not make excuses. My motivations are as GOOD snd as CLEAR to me as they possibly can be at this moment in time. I no longer "crusade" to convince other's of what they should know instinctively ... I accept them for exactly what they are and ACT accordingly. It is a simple survival thing now and this will only increase in intensity and in direct relationship with the Chaotic Evil all around us now. Perhaps the primary difference is that we and some few others like us can discern it whilst the vast, vast majorities can not. ... FEMA and 5G ... OUR WORLD IS ENDING ... your denial will change nothing for Truth is Truth. Do not let yourself be "taken" by the Evil which abounds in profusion all around. Long before your birth it was esablished and has now grown to RULING this Dying World.
#284194 by Ancient Vegan
Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:27 pm
Fear knocked at the door, faith answered, and no one was there

Irish proverb

Started getting my garden ready this weekend busy

I'll have to go to the gun range this afternoon
#284199 by Vampier
Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:17 pm
Excellent reactions ... Glen and Ancient Vegan. I understand about "Faith" ... I used to mistakenly call it "confidence". Of course it is much more complicated but similiar at the same time. At any rate we are ALL in for a unique and wild ride which will End badly for most I believe. Any who do not have their "Gardens" planted, oil in their lamps, lead in their pencils and guns and BRAINS in their heads ... well they are phucked, especially if their Hearts are not in the right place. I honestly feel that there are so very many out there that believe they are "saved" and that it is all taken care of ... well they are I am afraid in for a nasty surprise. ... this is long, very important and requires some critical thinking so if you be a mocker, a denier, a scoffer or a simple dumbed down retard then give it a pass. Just know that you are in fact doomed and so "party down" Dude or Dudette for your time here is severely limited. And No I do not find any of this shite funny or in the least amusing ... it is all very deadly serious ..... for each and every one of us.
Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:24 pm
The scary thing is the truth. The truth is this planet can not support this many people and animals.
The truth is since we have not chosen to expand off earth because it is way to expensive...
The alternative is massive war, and massive death. what do 20 or 30 billion people matter anyway?
that's my opinion, just saying, and music won't mean a crap.

Better enjoy your women while you can.
Sorry that was politicaly incorrect. Or whatever...
#284213 by Ancient Vegan
Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:01 pm
No truth there Glen, this planet could easily feed double this population
But so much of the resources have to be used to take care of the animals
that are eaten, with no thought to the pollution we are creating upkeeping
all the animals to feed an overweight populace

You don't see a fat vegan
#284214 by Vampier
Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:54 am
Glen and Ancient ... Ta. Glen, according to my research Ancient is indeed correct about the Planet being able to support many, many more. That is if Mankind ceases his interference with the Weather, Gmo's and Radiactive contamination. ... 20 States is almost half. ... Are you guilty of "Hate Speech ? ... Y-Tube Censorship ... yes Mike it does happen. ... Fema the Lackey of the UN.
Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:57 am
Piggy is a vegan. All he gets is veggies and a small cup of special piggy pellets.
I don't know how he keeps packing on the pounds. He is 20 lbs overweight, and I don't know where he is picking up the extra calories. Are pigs that efficient at storing reserves? I'm amazed. He gets no scraps of any sort. The diet he is on is only minimal. If I was on his diet I would lose 80 lbs in a week, and be near death.
So there is you one fat vegan. Smile.
You may be right about this planet being able to support twice as many. But what happens when twice as many becomes 4 times as many and then 8 times as many...
I was just looking forward at a time I won't see. I don't want to be sitting elbow to elbow with 70 trillion people squeezed in, to be taken care of by the power mongers and thieves of a world government.
I was just looking at a forward thought of investing in the the infrastructure of people. It has nothing to do with building a new road or bridge on this planet...
#284222 by Vampier
Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:35 pm
Glen I think Pigs are excellent survivalists. In the "Natural World" they are constant foragers and this creates a balance in that they get lots of exercise and Truffles at times. The Balance of this World, this Planet is upset and Humans are a factor indeed but there is a grand "Reset" coming that has happened before I believe.

Ancient ... excellent words ... I thank you for your Post. Insightful and very applicable to all of us. The world we were born into has degenerated even faster than it was doing so prior to s itour conceptions. It is a Spiral of the End ... quicker and quicker ... accelerating until the very Last moment. All around us there are those who have essientially gone insane and this will only become more and more acute. Here is a fine example and it displays the insanity that is rampant and growing everywhere about us all at an increasingly alarming rate.

I think ALL of us need to take a few moments purposefully each and every remaining day and night that we have to revel in the Love and Life around us, our creations, our joys and memories and our Futures. It willbe better by far than pecking out rabid insults and mocking our supposed "enemies". Let them waste themselves with the Hatred and demands of Evil which spawns it. Take solace in what we have around us, our friendships and engaging banter ... and prepare for what comes ... Resist where you can and make your peace in order that you may "Die Well". Just my little thoughtsand certainly not for most.
#284233 by Vampier
Wed Mar 14, 2018 8:01 am
Disgusting ...

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