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#276471 by Vampier
Thu May 11, 2017 12:12 am

Look deep within yourself. Contemplate your happiness. Are you content with your Life. Do you feel as a Slave. Or do you merely accept things as they come and consider yourself "lucky" if untouched by any major affliction thusfar. Or do you feel peace and contentment as you do this.

I believe that the entire World is in crisis. Any Happiness and Contentment are now threatened and any "Luck" is dwindling. The "State of the World" is a state compromised by Evil. This Evil is insidious and creeps unrelenting into our lives. It has been doing this from the "beginning". Evil now overshadows our lives and our futures.

There are a great many that I encounter who feel that as long as they can live out their lives in their present comfort zones ... they could give a sh*t. Not only is this atitude not very "Noble", it is utterly irresponsible and totally wrong. In some ways almost anything is debatable but in other ways ... some are not at all debatable ... they are either Right or Wrong.

None of us on our own can change much and certainly not the World ... but by taking responsibility and the Right Action of communicating, informing, learning and discussing with others ... we can influence certain things. Is this not better than just doing nothing ? Our society has been fragmented and as a result of this isolation we and others have been made less socially minded and less "pro-active".

Most of us are "older" and as such we perhaps have learned more and might be considered wiser than our younger contemporaries. Use this when and where you can to do "good" and set examples. Many of you are already doing some of this as a result of your care and observation ... your love of Humanity.

The fabrications and semantics of "politics" are for the most part mere distraction from what is the reality. Cutting to the quick is something that many here have shown their abilities in. There is not supposed to be a general agreement on any political issue because by it's very nature it is purposefully designed to create discontent, conflict and argument. Disagreement can be expressed and discussed without discontent, conflict or argument.

At the Coffee Roaster where my Wife works I have purposefully done this with many who come there and are not of the same "opinion" as myself. It is an interesting challenge and exercise for me but quite rewarding and educational. I have actually influenced many in a positive and informative way in addition to learning some things I was not aware of as well.

Conversely I rarely discuss Politics and Religions with my Wife. And when I do I must be very careful in order to avoid argument. There are many reasons for this and despite all this we do share many of the same opinions and views when we do discuss civily. Like the creation, the practice, the rehearsal and the recording of Music the interchange of ideas often requires a certain "feel" and a working together to achieve a mutual objective.

I feel the Art of Conversation is quickly being lost due to the computer, internet, texting and "Social Media" combined with the further degeneration and retardation of the Human Mind. This is paralleled by what has happened to Music as well and due to the very same factors.

I know that there are a vast amount of benefits to all this as well but my point is that we, as the dinosaurs we are , are only too aware of what was before, during and now. Those younger are not. I can remember when there was no TV, no calculators, no cell phones, computers, internet, social media and no drugs or pot in my school. Can you ?

I am very thankful for growing up in the time and manner I did. None of my nieces or nephews have this luxury and as a result they are even now beginning to suffer from it. But still due to where and how ... they still have more going for them than most in more "urban" areas.

I am interested to hear how others see all this. I have no desire to argue even if there is a difference of opinion ... I would just like to hear what others think. Ta.
Sun May 14, 2017 11:03 am
You didn't have TV? Heck even I had BUCK ROGERS, and Tales of old Gabby. I guess I was spoiled rotten. All we had to do was adjust the RABBIT EAR antennas to the proper direction and sometimes require the sibling that was doing the adjusting to stand there, while we watched the show.
Wow... That was before we even had a space program.
After that, we had the lone ranger, davey crocket, sky king, cecil and beanie, the modern farmer,... I can not remember them all.
As long as you could get someone to stand there and hold the rabbit ear antenna, suddenly... there was no need to stir up all the neighborhood friends into a rowdy game of kick the can.

Those were the fun days...
Remember when young girls had time to explore their blossoming sexuality. The older ones... 12, 13... Would grope a a boy to see if they would get hard. Radical huh?... Not really. We didn't have time for drugs or even TV. We grew up under a different time. I had 2 ducks as pets. They were more important than any cell phone. They taught me to be responsible, even at 8. Damn I loved those ducks... But they sure did taste good...

Things have changed...
#276637 by Vampier
Wed May 17, 2017 11:59 pm
Thank you for your Posts Glen.

The Second Civil War rages now within the dysfunctional Halls of "Government".
Trump battles surrounded by enemies who are minions of "The Deep State" which is the NWO and Evil. The Black Messiah chuckles and chortles and The Hag shrieks and cackles.

The Evil now works to bring Trump down or simply assassinate him. The Globalist Filth mean to establish their threatened Tyranny by instituting COG ...Continuity Of Government. The time has come for the Patriots and Constitutionalists to rise up and support Trump, maintain the reclamation of Freedoms and cast off the Yoke of Evil.

A State of WAR exists between The Deep State and The American People. Soros and other Criminals are working to bring down the Trump Administration and destroy the Constitution. Total Civil War in The United States now exists. Pick your side wisely. I urge you not to become a Traitor.

Betrayal is rife. Trump is questionable now as a True Leader of opposition to the NWO. He needs to be supported either way. Liase with your neighbours. Prepare to defend yourselves. Prepare to lose everything you "think" you own. CHAOS is being enabled now and self reliance is of the upmost importance.

The Internet is going to be taken down ... the main Assault has been lauched. You are one of the Targets. Harden yourself and prepare for a siege. Years of conflict, betrayal and Deception ...just like the previous 8 but much more "proactive".
the Evil Slime is threatened ... threaten them more. Make them erxtinct before they do so to you. Organize and begin forming a neighbourhood Armie to keep the Evil out and then pursue them in their "holes".

Death has been waiting ... you must not lose to the Satanic Pedophilic Evil that means to destroy you. Pray for yourselves and your families and make ready to PREY upon them and bring them down. The Traitors need to be dragged out of their offices of covert Evil and shown, exposed and thrust into the public eye. There must be no "standing down" like the Cowards of Evil do.

This world and "that" which governs, rules and orders it is reaching APEX. The deception of what it is desperately sucks all it can from existing life ... yours. Few have resisted ... the Demons rejoice ... the Fallen Angels arise ... Truth becomes Fable.

"Who changed the Truth of God into a Lie and worshipped, has served the creature more than the Creator."
Romans 1:25

If you do not now claim your LIFE then you are truly DEAD.

"The dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward, for the memory of them is forgotten , also their love and their hatred and their envy ... is now perished."
Eccl 9:5-6

This is the time to prepare and activate your ressistance. Your way of life is over, nothing will nor can remain the same. You have starved your spirit and now you will starve your physical essence. Prepare for BATTLE or prepare for the GRAVE.

"For the grave can not praise thee
Death can not celebrate thee
They that go down into the pit
Can not hope for any Truth."

Isa 38:18

Man's "Religions" have become Great ... rivaling Evil and promoting it. But still comes an Appointed Day. Death is no escape ... for the Dead are judged with the Living and by them in part. When The Mediator between the Spiritual and the physical comes ... then there will no longer be any mediation. Understand this.

The spark within Humanity grows dim and dwindles but it shall not cease, it shall not go out ... not linger. This world becomes more wicked until it's End ... more perilous. Leave it ... do not be led by it. Beware of the Baaa of the sheep and the howl of wolves ... both are in their ways dangerous. The perverse and mindless brayings of the corrupt and those who are destitute of Truth will infect and pollute, so withdraw and take leave of them.

"Your gold and silver is cankered and the rust of them shall be a witness against you and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. You have heaped treasure together for the last days."

We are near the Final Events and on the verge of The time of Great distress. Most fail to see and heed the warnings. The Final Days will be shaped in accordance with Ancient Prophecies that are coming to transpire.


The Cross of Hendaye

It shows the exact moment when the End of Age ... The End of Time will occur.
Thu May 18, 2017 11:04 am
Don't forget Vamp...
There are many... That will not live in fear of anything...
You write with tremendous power... Few will understand...
I'm just glad you are not working for the liberal destructionists! (no such word 'till now :lol: )
#276749 by Vampier
Fri May 19, 2017 4:46 pm
Ta Glen. Invent some more words ... i like that.

While Trump is away ... the FILTH will play. The DemonCrats are yet again desperately attempting to nullify Trump and "Call" for a "New Election". These Scum need to be sprayed with some Roundup. Trump needs to pick up his Pen and nullify the first "Executive Order that The Black Messiah issued. Trump needs to use every Law and The Constitution to clean up, eradicate and re-establish. I would like to see some arrests of the filth "at the top" ... the "elites" ... the Evil that threatens each one of us.

The common Citizen in the USA is under the same attack that plagues Trump. This is life and Death for The Republic, for your Family and for you. This latest Desperate, Illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL pathetic attempt to takeover the USA with Evil Tyranny by the Globalist NWO Filth is ON !!!!!!!!!!

AMERICA IS UNDER SIEGE. The idiocy of "suspending" the Election, removing Trump and his Administration, enslaving the American people, destroying the Last Major Opposition to the conquest Evil pushes and turning the World into a Charnel Planet is underway.

As I have stated before "THE SIDES HAVE BEEN CHOSEN, DEFINED AND TAKEN". You are in a livestock pen at the slaughterhouse if you have not chosen. They ... the Enemie have chosen for you by the grace of your Cowardice and denial. As Glen has stated many times ... "We do not want to do this but" well now WE will have to do this. For those who know history ... this entire thing stinks of what happened with President Lincoln. CIVIL WAR RESULTED THEN AND IT WILL NOW.
#276768 by Vampier
Fri May 19, 2017 11:41 pm
Thank you Glen.

Here is a vid from "A Watcher" whom I follow ...

He reminds me of Slacker in many ways. This vid creates some most excellent pondering.
Sat May 20, 2017 10:22 am
Another point to ponder. I seem to remember a Bible verse about bearing false witness.

We are dealing with immoral wild dogs, intent on destroying our constitutional laws, America, and all the God loving people that have supported the greatest nation that God has ever allowed to exist.
The first and most important rule of any engagement...
#276787 by MikeTalbot
Sun May 21, 2017 1:36 am
Interesting, the idea of taking down the internet. No big deal twenty years ago.

But folks are so entwined in the social media now that it could cause a national psychotic outbreak. What impact would that have on CW2? Would Americans surrender to whomever could restore Twitter?

Sun May 21, 2017 10:43 pm
That answer would come quick. Do you want to tweet or eat?
Not funny, but even the most basic supply lines rely on the internet.
Me... I have a 22 that will get me a few squirrels... After that it would come down to total chaos.
By the way... Dogs will make a good meal if you get that hungry. So will pet pigs.
Let's just hope and pray all these crazy people running around this world... This will not be tolerated.
#276877 by Vampier
Tue May 23, 2017 9:00 pm
"To Tweet or Eat" ...I like that Glen. Ta

There is a need for "Tolerance" but it is sorely misassigned. We need to become more tolerant of one another and LESS TOLERANT of the so-called "refugees" who are actually Muslim Invaders ... LESS TOLERANT of those ignorant dumbed down sheeple who suffer retardation and Stockholm Syndrome ... LESS TOLERANT of those Filth who mean to destroy us ... LESS TOLERANT of THE GOVERNMENT FILTH who are Evil Traitors. They desire that we argue between ourselves and insult and condemn ... it takes the spotlight off them.

I hope I see the Time when such Filth are dragged screaming to the streets and executed by the mobs they helped create. Evil does what is in it's nature so now let us all begin to do what is within our natures and oppose and fight the EVIL. Let us cease squabbling of things we all agree on like Freedom, Creator, Evil, Good and Life. This is now the time to come together, to unite and to reject that which does not strengthen our positions. We are all at War and soon enough it will go HOT.

ISLAM MEANS SUBMISSION ... submission to the Evil that plagues Humanity ... submission to the Evil which openly declares it means to destroy us ... WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE FOR GOOD MORAL MEN TO OPPOSE ISLAM, SUBMISSION AND DESTRUCTION ??????????

England stands by whilst their children and young girls are raped with knives, made into slaves and fed to their parents. Is this EVIL SHITE going to be "tolerated" here ???? THIS IS OPEN WARFARE ... DECLARED WARFARE ... SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

Enough is Enough now. The Evil which is Islam must be put to rest, rooted out, deported, brought to justice, sentenced, executed and made an example of. It must be shown that such Evil will not be tolerated by some and that the Lies of the Political Filth are known and will NO LONGER BE TOLERATED. If the "Mayor" is Dirty, the Senator is Dirty, the Congressman or woman is dirty, the King, the Queen, the President, the Leader ... any of the Filth ... then drag them out of their limos, their bunkers, their castles, their Halls of Government and demonstrate in FINAL terms the displeasure they have spawned.

Communities must organize and oppose and rid themselves of this Evil filth which threatens them, their children and their Lives. NO MORE TOLERANCE OF MUSLIM, POLITICAL, GOVERNMENTAL, DEMONCRATIC, PERVERTED HAGS, PUSS BAGS AND NEW WORLD ORDER EXCRETEMENT. THERE IS BUT A SHORT TIME LEFT. Organize and Act against EVIL.
Tue May 23, 2017 10:15 pm
My friend...
I sense a bit of anger in the voice you write with.
I agree with many of your words. Thank you for spending the time to share them.
I mention anger because in any battle... It will only lead to defeat.
Even that is not exactly correct... Sometimes you have to get mad as hell to not take any it anymore.
#276895 by Vampier
Wed May 24, 2017 6:11 pm
Glen, My friend. I thank you for your Post. Yes you are correct, there is anger there but I point out it is a "controlled anger" which is more useful than perhaps that which is uncontrolled. You have made several quite relevant and true statements in previous Posts. These include not only your personal feelings but your recognition that there are indeed many others who are prepared to pick up arms when and if the time should come. There is hope in this and I believe that this spark of hope can be made greater simply by preorganization and preparation for possible scenarios which may occur. When and if they do then there would be no confusion, chaos or blind and angry panic ... only the perpetration of a plan which has been preconcieved and may increase one's chances of survival and effectiveness.

Such could include escape, securement, attack, defence and other options dependant upon scenario, time and location. the "MinuteMan" must be made into the "MillisecondMan"and reaction and survival expanded not just to the men but also to their Families. Heavy equipment has been moved into place for years now and there is no need so common logic dictates that it will be used for C.O.G. and not against any "Invasion Force". If the government filth can prepare for such then so can the citizenry and this must be done on a collective basis not a solitary one if there is to be any real lasting reaction to the Domestic Threat of Government as it tries desperately to maintain, expand and forcefully establish permanently it's Evil agendas and Power. Put simply it is fast developing into a Fight for survival. Most do not know or remain unaware of THE FACT that with the current LAWS already in place ... all it takes is a Riot in any 5 major cities for "COG" to be enacted WITHOUT ANY CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL but AUTOMATICALLY. I strongly suggest that many should look deeply into this whilst they still can to understand fully the implications of this nefarious and unConstitutional Plan. ... before it becomes too late. Nazi Germany will be by comparision "KinderGarten" if this crap happens. The Evil PussBag Soros has more than enough Power, Money and Idiotic Followers to put this into motion when ever he may desire to do so.
#276915 by Vampier
Fri May 26, 2017 12:46 am

... within the fetid Halls of "Government" and hypocritical "Lairs" of so-called Justice. The scurry of CIA and FBI rodents along with the other vermin within the "Intelligence Services" ... all of whom are infused with Evil, clearly demonstrate the desperation of Fools.


... to every country who has fallen under the heel of Evil throughout our entire world. The insects of "The New World Order" have infected every level, every country and every culture with their ill fated Apocalypse. What remains of Humanity has become to stumble from it's stupor ... and revolt.

The United States of America lingers ... fading but clinging ... as virtually the Last Bastion ... to it's tattered Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments. This is "The Last hope of this World". It is here and now that either Freedom, Liberty and Humanity makes it's Final stand or falls losing the future and the world to Evil.

We could never ask to live at any other moment in the History of the World. This is not the province of cowards, mockers, deniers and the retarded. The retarded who wallow in their ignorance and deformity are only the Fodder of the Future ... one way or another. Never has the Human species been confronted with such possibilities, with such choices of disaster or of greaqter heights and greater glory.

For those who are not in a retarded state, dumbed down or deformed Spiritually ... you must Live in the sense that you are of your Ancestors and that they live also through you. We come from those who faced tremendous odds again and again. At present there is much against us but we have within us our Ancestors and their Wills and Spirits.

We must have the faith and belief which will lead and sustain us through which now comes. Look back through the pages of history and draw from them. We are ruled by FILTH who are absolutely eaten by Evil through and through like maggots infest pieces of rotten, dead and even living meat.

Feel not guilty about who and what you are and actually defending yourself ... preserving Humanity. Our Ancestors over centuries have made us what we are. Know yourself and your True Enemies. Do not be only a TOOL ... used and manipulated by your enemies ... a fool.

Our enemies are the Globalist and Governmental Filth, "Politcal Leaders" and Traitors ... the murderers of Humanity. They speak only LIES. Do not trust them or believe anything they spew for they are the minions of Evil. They mean to enslave, torture, experiment and then eliminate the Human Species.


... it is not shrill but rumbles deep and continuous, growing. Not all can hear it. Most who do dismiss it. To hear it one must only listen, but many can no longer do this. So many bumbling, blind, deaf, polluted, poisoned and retarded Zombies surround what is left of Humanity.


... to survive it's threat, to perform one's Duty and Honour doing what is Right and Good in the face of Danger. To tolerate no longer but to rise up and speak out marking the Evil for what it is. Shattering the Facade revealing the enemie... the Evil, naked and trembling ... exposed.


... to answer ... only those who possess a Code will emerge. Responsibility and Right Action with Epic, Heroic and Spiritual qualities can wage battles against Evil and the enemie who is not of this World. Having to extend beyond the physical into the realm of the once invisible is daunting. Portals are opening and Worlds are merging all around you.

Without The Warrior ... without Masculinity ... there can be no Freedom, no Liberty, no Security. Without Resistence, our cultures, our species, will turn to dust and disentegrate with the Winds of Change.

The Enemie is all around you and it is not who you are led to believe, it is not whom you are told it is. This world has been manipulated ... you and I, have and are being manipulated. The True Enemie is not of this World. Open your mind, your eyes and your ears. LISTEN ...

" The most precious possession you have in this world is your own people. And for this people ... and for the sake of this people ... we will struggle and fight and never slacken. Never tire. Never lose courage. and never lose Faith. The struggle between the people and the hatred amongst them ... is being nurtured by very specific interested parties. It is a small, rootless international clique that is turning people against each other ... that does not want them to have peace. It is a people who are at home both nowhere and everywhere. Who do not have anywhere a soil on which they have grown up ...

... But who live in Berlin today, Brussels tomorrow, Paris the day after, then Prague, Vienna or London ... and who feel at home everywhere. They are the only ones who can really be regarded as international elements ...because they conduct their business everywhere ! "
Adolph Hitler

We are surrounded by Zombies ... the Zombies of the Apocalypse. So many lives are riddled with holes ... breaches of the Spirit ... they are not strong, not useful ... a LIABILITY. Gog and MaGog are loosed. Demons are summoned. Nephilim have risen. Kali dances at Cern. The walls that have sustained the Spirits of Humanity are broken down, gone ... destroyed.

Death bathes the earth now, the skies, the waters and the food we consume and the air we breathe. There is no Defender for the Spiritual aspects of Humanity now. Humanity has been splintered by Evil Design. The Clan decimated, the Family scattered ... the Individual isolated. Each is on their own ... Humanity is without a Defender. Each must make their own choice.

For those who understand and who have not become "lost" then the choice is clear. No one will stand in the gap taking the full onslaught upon themselves ... no one person can. But a group of Warriors standing shoulder to shoulder ready and able to fight well and to die well will stand in the gap to hold as long as they may allowing a Gathering and a ReAwakening. This has happened many times before ... a Battle lost to win a War. To hold and resist and sacrifice not for ones self but for others.

It is the Way of The Warrior ... of The Knight ...of The Armie of Seven. Do not whimper nor complain when what comes ... shall come. You can not flee the future.
Man has diminished in masculine strength so much so that True Warriors are a vanishing breed. This has never been more evident than it is now. Try to find an Honourable, Noble and True Warrior in the Pentagon.

The way of the world has become such that there are no Captains, no Generals ... no Warriors to stand and hold ... who will personally lead into the fray and whom are prepared to die to save another. " Highly" decorated Cowards strut and prance with medals "purchased" not won. Glittering twisted faggots waiting to be burnt by Truth and Reality.

If there are any Warriors they are scattered, isolated, lost ... adrift. But know that if these behold any who stands against the Evil ... then these will not remain where they are. These will find their strength and be made strong again. Rallied and Allied in purpose, these shall Rise and Gather in the Breach.

They will answer The Call and Gather to Stand in the gap between the Spiritual and the Material worlds. To join The Armie of Seven, to choose, to no longer live for this Dying world and it's material lusts ... but to fight and to die ... to exist for what comes after ... to become one of the First and the Last.

Stand in this "Between Breach" with me ... with us ... and do not allow yourself to be drawn back by the enemies in either world. Choose to become one of us who will stand against the arrayed armies of Evil in both merging Worlds. These mean to bring you down and to keep you down.

RISE UP ... and help us spend them ... defeat them.

Do not darken the worlds around you, contaminating yourself and Spirit, being who you were never meant to be . Your enemies grow constant about you. Resist, fight and stand against their hatred of Humanity.

All around there is growing physical and Spiritual Warfare. You must don the armour of each. Without this Armour you are bare and doomed in the realities brought forth from the Spiritual into the physical. This is Truth not Lie. Without this armour you can not wear the Helm of Salvation ... Transform your mind and free yourself.


Be bold in mentality and Righteous in action for all these things will protect you. Embrace the Truth. Arm yourself with it. Cast aside ignorance and shame. Your enemies come seeking to take your Faith and Beliefs from you. Stand in Freedom and Liberty with those beside you.

I entreat you to arm yourself and make ready, for these moments coming are the Last Moments in which you may choose to do so. Evil is real, demons and the forces of Darkness do indeed exist. These are your enemie and they will most certainly destroy you unless you prepare to fight them.

Humanity has been watched, murdered and manipulated ... observed. Most do not even see this enemie which stands so close. Now The Veil falls and violence comes begetting yet more and more violence. Chaos is made, it does not just happen. All this and yet still most can not see the enemie so near.

The Mists of Lies swirl about, unseen whirlwinds of unheard sounds. These come and go ... returning seven times stronger. Evil is rushing and increasing it's intensities. Portals long shut are opening. Our strength and vigilance must also increase in proportion.

Make sounds with your hands, hearts and mouths. Manifest your Code and Beliefs with obediance, dedication and purpose pure. Devote yourself, your Art, your being, your existence and life. Battle Evil to the Death. You were created to create and not as Evil, to destroy, pollute and contaminate.

Look beyond what you see in the natural ... look beyond this moment, this merging dying world and make the sound of your creations go on forever. See the Portals and past them. Shake them with the sounds of your creation.

Do not be swayed by greed nor fear. Make your songs and set your tones for this is where the Battle begins and where the Warrior lives. Do not deny this that you are. Do this not to become a Warrior but rather because you are a Warrior. Do not be silent nor silenced.


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