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#293575 by ian86226
Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:05 am
I have been in band on and off since I was 19. My first real band was the Holden Caufieds, after that I was in The Abrazors and most recently the Groggies. The Groggies 3 CD's are all on bandcamp. The Abrozors 2 songs are on youtube, we did not put them there we were only together for a very short time but created a bit of a buzz for whatever reason. I am looking to do a fast hardcore band along the lines of Minor Threat, Black Flag, Sheer Terror, Slapshot etc.

I do not care how old people are. In my last band I was the youngest and am 37 now so I am will to work with people who are either older or younger then I am. The Holden Cauflieds sort of played a mix of Oi! and stuff like DRI when we first started out and then switched to hardcore and I have pretty much always played in hardcore bands which is where my passion is but if someone wanted to do something similar but not exactly the same I would be willing to give it a try.

I prefer to write my own lyrics but am willing to deliver other people. The groggies I wrote most of the lyrics but the bass player also contributed and the guitar player wrote one song.

I am willing to travel as far as downtown Toronto but would prefer it if it was a Barrie based band.


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