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#293164 by tiffanyericawilliams
Sat Nov 24, 2018 8:09 pm
22 year old indie/alt artist from Toronto, Ontario. Currently a guitarist in the indie/alt band, misunderstood ninja, and I'm currently looking to join an additional second band.

I play electric guitar, bass, keyboard and I sing/song-write. My preferred genres are indie/alt/punk/rock/emo/sadcore/slowcore. I love the bands: Iamthecoffin., American Football, Modest Mouse, Foxtails, as well as some post-punk bands like Joy Division, Sonic Youth and The Smiths.

Email me at tiffanyericawilliams@<>
(this website censors g-mail for some reason, if you want you could also shoot me a DM on instagram @tiffanywilliams.jpg

Some songs from my band, misunderstood ninja, can be found below:
1. misunderstood ninja - King Sleep:
2. misunderstood ninja - Bad News, I Exist:

I also recently released a goth/darkwave EP which can be found below:
1. Tiffany Williams - Getting Nowhere [Full EP]:

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