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#292607 by lovr
Sat Oct 20, 2018 9:08 pm
i'm jesse, i'm a bad singer looking 2 start a band that will actually work
Looking for people in york region/the GTA, ontario,, i live in richmond hill!
looking for ppl aged 15-17/18 who are up for really wacky ass things and just having a good time
i can play a little guitar and by that i mean close to none
a bassist or two/guitar player
a drummer
possibly a keyboard person

my biggest inspos are the front bottoms, hobo johnson, summer salt, diners, mom jeans, hot flash heat wave, modern baseball, the frights, field medic, cuco, heyrocco, and other similar artists!! if we could like....mash them all 2gether and make music like that then that would b pretty ideal. but that ain't realistic so let's just jam out and have a cool teen grunge time!!!

willing 2 meet up in coffee shops and all that, don't worry i'm pretty fun so stress dude

idk how things r gonna go or if anyone's gonna respond to this, but im pretty set on starting LOVR (the band name.u know, like, lover, but not)

if u want just email me or text me abt it!! looking forward 2 meeting some possible band mates :) also!! i'm looking to be COMMITTED man! if ur gonna not give it 100% and quit after our first meetup then this isn't 4 u :( i wanna go on tour babey!!! it's gonna take a lot 4 us 2 get there but we'll make it happen

text me at 6472390125 !!!
email me at

peace out
lovr the band

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