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#291542 by Missingout
Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:22 pm
Hi there, Missing Out in Calgary, Alberta Canada is looking for the perfect fit for our real cool band. We are 3 guys who get along well on and off the stage. We have been playing for many years and found each other starting in 2013. We are all in late years but still can rock it out. We practice once a week on Sundays and try to play gigs once a month. If you can play your bass guitar real good, are an older person not in your 20 and 30's, can sing some songs to help out our lead singer and have an awesome care free attitude we should talk.

Our website is http://www.missingout.c and FB is missingoutband all one word

I am the drummer and my name is Rockin Ronnie my email address is if you care to drop me a line to learn more.

Looking forward to finding the right fit for a group that is well respected in the Calgary area. Our crowd is amazing and get right into our playing.....they love our sound, and the cool T shirts we sell are nice to ;-)

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