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#288984 by Recording Arts Canada - Adam
Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:55 pm
Hi all,

Hope this is appropriate for this forum.

I represent Recording Arts Canada, we're a Sound and Music college with studios in Montreal and Toronto.

We're currently looking to form relationships with bands that would interested in participating in concerts at clubs in Toronto and Montreal, as well as participate in studio sessions at our studios in both cities.

The end goal is to give our students practical experience with great bands and musicians, as well as to promote local talent.

The studio sessions range from full band recording sessions, individual instrument recording sessions, vocal sessions etc. Musicians can take their recordings home and use them for demos, EPs and albums. We will not ask for ownership or your content. There is absolutely no "pay-to-play" here, we don't ask anything from musicians.

We have a show coming up in Montreal on July 24th, and one in Toronto on August 9th, and are accepting demos for both shows.

You can see more about our concert series here:

If anyone is interested, please reply or DM with a link to your band page on any of the socials!


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