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#282750 by schmedidiah
Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:34 am
Here you go. I made this track by adding my guitar (with built in bass) to a Canadian's drums (never met him in person) and adding the vocals from another SoundCloud user (never met her in person either). If this interests you, my email is on the profile or message me if you're a member.
#282754 by meathead510493
Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:54 am
Hello. I'm online looking for like minded people as well. A drummer would be a good thing. I like heavy metal but I don't generally write anything you would classify as that. Some our stuff is kinda heavy. But not super heavy. Right now I am doing this with an old bandmate from Tulsa Ok. I live in south western NY state. I have 8 tunes posted on my bandmix profile page MEATHEAD510493. Nothing great but it would give you an idea of what were all about. There are mellow tunes on there as well as a 2 or 3 fairly heavy ones. Jimmy ( vocalist ) and myself. I write the songs, Give him the drums ( programed ) bass, and rhythm guitar (s). He puts down his vocal track and sends it back to me via email. I add lead guitar and mix it all down. Send him a finished copy, sometimes we go back and forth with different ideas. It's really cool man. Believe it or not they are all copyrighted. Trying to get a few more together. Because I copy right 9 songs at a time. Doing it as a collective work for the same price as 1 song. Doesn't have to be 9 songs. But that's the most you can do at a time. The price is 55 $ till they raise the price again. Their are people with resourses looking for tunes to rip off. I'm not saying our songs are great. Better be safe than sorry. I've heard of more than 1 rip off deals. Seriously if you want check them out. There's a couple kinda heavy tunes. Who knows maybe we can do some stuff. I mean with this soft ware it's sooooo easy to do. I have tracks saved for a lot of tunes. Before the software I was using a TASCAM S32D or something like that. and the only way I could save tracks was with a SD card and that doesn't work very well. Ever since I got the software that changed everything man. Now it is so simple and cool. Getting that software was the best thing I ever did musically. Musicians, song writers welcome to join us if it clicks. Took Jimmy a whole year to talk me into software. I'm old school liked turning knobs. Can do the same with this only virtually. It will catch on maybe eventually.
#282890 by meathead510493
Fri Feb 16, 2018 7:01 pm
Hello if your talking about IT'S ALWAYS LOVE, sorry it's all 1 track. Your probably wondering how i got this all on 1 track. What i did was i recorded everything except the vocals on my old multi track. Jimmy sent me a vocal track, i would take a 3.5mm male stereo to male XLR cable. Plug the 3.5 into my headphone jack on my computer, plug the XLR into my multi track Mix everything down, burn it to CD, then rip it to my computer. Primitive but it worked. But i ended up with 1 track. I didn't have mixcraft yet. Most of those tunes on my profile page are like that. I do have a number of tunes tracked out that are not on my profile page. The multi track stored tracks on a SD card in the form of a wave file. That doesn't work for a couple reasons. I put those tunes on my profile page a long time ago. That and maybe a few other tunes i have are 1 track.

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