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#179163 by L_Ron
Sat Jul 21, 2012 8:42 pm
Are you an interesting musician/band that wants a high quality recording on the cheap? I used to work professionally on the West Coast but now am more of a hobbyist engineer and basically just want to record cool bands for fun and a bit of extra cash. I used to work strictly in the analog domain but it is expensive and difficult to transport gear. What I have now is a good balance between analog sound quality and the ease of the digital domain. I use a decent 24 channel mixing console (channel and master section modified with high speed/low noise op-amps) that feeds a 24 track hard disk recorder. We will then mix down to a 2 track hard disk recorder that can burn a master CD in standard or high sampling/bitrate format. Although I am a Mac user, I do not use Protools or any form of computer based editing program; The music I like doesn't need it and I feel that the ear is more important than the eye when it comes to music.

I use a variety of high quality microphones; including lots of tube and ribbon mics. I use very little in the way of effects etc but have some... I rely on good mic placement and a solid understanding of acoustics to obtain a very accurate representation of what you do. I particularly love good drum sounds, they are obtained by using the desirable effects of the room but most importantly proper tuning and good skins.

I guess I cater more to the artsy/experimental musician but am willing to work with anyone who is first and foremost a quality human being, and is willing to have a raw but sonically accurate and viable recording.

My gear is portable and I will come to you to record, be it your home, garage, jam spot, warehouse, get the picture. As long as the place is secure, I will keep my gear there until we are done the project. We can record fully live if you would like or we can piece everything together depending on time and the place we choose to record.

I will not charge by the hour. Rather, we can negotiate a flat fee and we will work together until you are happy (within reason). This is fun for me and I get great personal satisfaction from doing a great job.


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