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#293271 by aaronfire
Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:25 pm
I need a singing bass player..Lemmy/Cronos sort of thing, a guitarist, maybe with a voice as well? Very much along the lines of Venom, Motorhead , Slayer, Black Sabbath etc.These positions may suit older players best, although ANY age/s welcome as long as you can PLAY.No soft rock commercial shite please.If we do ANY covers , they will be extremely heavy , lesser played tracks..We will play 99% original material.You absolutely MUST have good, LOUD GEAR and at least a lift to rehearsals, which will, most of the time be in HARROGATE and last 2..3 hours and a bit more coming up to gigs..
Please feel free to check some stuff I did a few years ago which I've put on. More mp3's available if you're interested.
So , if you are, RING ME ANYTIME UP TO 3AM..YES, 3AM. GRAHAM. 07961270732. I am near Ripon. Mp3's to & from My gear... A video by a previous band...

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