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#293225 by PrinceKota
Wed Nov 28, 2018 2:30 pm

My name is Diego, and I am a 26 years old vocalist (I can sing both high and low tone songs), with experience in 4 bands (currently in one, which has nothing to do with this project):

I am looking to create a hard working band where image, promotion and charisma would turn us into a very different act from the rest of the starting rock bands in London (the objective is for people to remember us). I definitely intend to put all my heart and soul into this:

1. This band would care about its image, with matching clothes, colours and face-paint. Our image would be inspired by Kiss, Ghost, X-Japan, or Black Veil Brides between others.
2. With a base in hard rock like the mentioned bands, we have to be opened minded and not be afraid of things like ballads or something sounding commercial. Still, we want to be an ideal band for Download, not Glastonbury.
3. Music is the base, and the musicians would have complete freedom to write songs, while I help with the lyrics and voice melody. Again, we should be opened when writing lyrics and their theme (we can't be closed because of the genre or stick to one "concept").
4. We would rehearse weekly in London (money can't be an issue), and each would have to work at home (yes, it's tiring to have to sing or play for a while after work, but we need to do it constantly). This means that we could write songs and lyrics very quickly (I've been in bands that wrote 2 songs after a year, and that is such slow progress!).
5. Communication is important! We need to share ideas and have a game plan: know when rehearsals are booked with time, answer to other's whatsapp messages, etc.

Of course I have an idea for the image theme, band name, song titles, etc. But for now, I'm looking for people with a similar mindset to start rehearsing with some covers (cause there is no other way to start, really). If you are a good musician and you think we could start writing songs just with your music and my lyrics, come aboard! Let's have fun!

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