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#293126 by Simon Thompson
Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:18 am
I'm looking to team up with some vocalists, songwriters and lyricists to form a songwriting 'team'.
I'm based in Rainham, Essex so am looking for people in East London/Essex/Kent area who might be interested in spending some time developing, writing and recording some commercial songs to either pitch to artists or for their own artist development.
I've got a project studio for writing and recording demos, so maybe you could help me out with the vocals/lyrics on my songs and I can help with the drum/keys programming, etc on your ideas. That kind of thing. A symbiotic relationship!
I do have some lyrical ideas I'm a painfully slow lyric writer.
My songs are mostly pop/rnb/country with a bit of light hip-hop.
My soundcloud page contains some of the song ideas I've developed so far in various states of completion. It also has some backing track/cover versions.

I've done some work with remote/pro session type companies but wasn't 100% happy with results. Really looking to work 'face to face'

Why not take a look/listen!
This is also synced to my bandmix profile so you can also listen there if you prefer.

Male or female. Just looking for people to team up with.
If you think you might be interested then we can have a chat. Come and see the studio, go through some ideas, etc.

Other Social Media:

Thanks for looking. All the best!

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