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#294591 by cooldude5
Wed May 08, 2019 10:38 pm
Streaming services like Spotify have been dominating the music industry. Nowadays Spotify acts not only as a music streaming service but also a platform to expose artists since there are millions of active users and 40,000 tracks being added daily (no, that's not a typo!).

Multiple strategies have been implemented to increase streaming numbers which converts to an increase in royalties paid by Spotify. Ultimately there are 3 different types of Spotify services.
1) “Playlist Pitching” to get your songs on indie curated playlists, and increase streams.
2) Increasing Spotify followers.
3) Increase Spotify streams (which includes artificially or machine-boosted stats )

We developed what we believe is the most comprehensive playlist pitching campaign available. This service will get your track on REAL playlists with REAL listeners and provide longevity (keeps your numbers growing instead of a spike then a drop). That means more cash in your pocket and more people are exposed to your albums or singles!

For more info click here: . To see our competitive analysis between a few playlist pitching companies click here . Make sure you also check out our website for any additional services that you may need in order to maximize your online presence in the music industry. Visit our website for any additional info on all things music marketing!
#294600 by schmedidiah
Tue May 14, 2019 4:26 pm
I have a special marketing campaign for spotify where I pretend it doesn't exist and I berate people who bring it up. :lol:

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