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#293684 by RyThoJo
Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:25 pm
Hi, all. I am on the lookout for cello and violin for a stage musical I've composed. The show is slated to go up in Sept. 2019 in Hollywood, CA. Getting started on the search for good musicians as ahead of time as I can. The full musical ensemble will be piano, violin, cello, and drums/percussion. Plus 10 singer/actors, of course.

A bit of background: The show is called Deadly and dramatizes the crimes of real life serial killer HH Holmes. For those unfamiliar, this guy built a hotel during the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. The third floor of his hotel was essentially booby-trapped. So if he wanted to kill you, he'd check you in on the third floor, lock you in your room, gas you, strangle you, then hack up your body and sell your skeleton to medical schools. He confessed to 29 murders, but there is evidence that he may have killed up to 100 or more. This show will tell the story with emphasis on the perspective of his mostly female victims.

It's being produced by Sacred Fools Theater Company, among one of the most reputable small theater ensembles in Los Angeles. The company, director, playwright, and I have won a number of awards and enjoyed hit shows. Our last collaboration, a show called Stoneface, was enough of a success to move from our 80-seat Hollywood theater to the 600-seat Pasadena Playhouse. I myself come from a rock band background and, somehow, got pulled into the world of music directing theater a number of years ago. The musical style for this show will hover in the realm of ragtime, Tin Pan Alley, gospel, and classical - all things that evoke the mood of the era. And if I have my way, it'll be dark as hell.

There will be some pay. It's still the low budget theater world, so you won't get rich off of it. The noble folks at the theater company are grant-writing right now, but I'm advocating for at least $50/show.

The first four songs on my profile are demos for this show. If anyone is interested, please contact me or leave a comment here. Cheers!

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