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#293204 by Blueprint National
Tue Nov 27, 2018 4:12 am
We're looking for a solid bass player and possibly a keyboard player who wants to be involved in a unique side project featuring music I've written and new songs yet to be produced.

We currently have 2 guitarists, a drummer, and myself (singing and various instruments as needed). We're looking for someone who enjoys these songs as much as we do and wants to be part of a good set of musicians willing to play originals. Listen to 'Work Harder' and 'Living a Lie'. Those are brand new and just scratch tracks for now, but the direction we're heading for the most part - always subject to change/influence. Let's chat some more if you like them.

You can hear how the songs are developing via Soundcloud (on this page) - I played on all the songs you'll hear, but will be re-tracking most of them (others will go to scrap) with the musicians I've been playing with. This will be replayed and reproduced. We plan on finishing a final 5 song EP to release early next year, most likely under a new band name.

We plan to practice 1 - 2 times a week to play a 5 - 6 song set locally and go from there. Once we have the right group and right songs, we'll be pushing hard with advertising, videos, etc. to get our name out there. Back to the grind.

I have a home studio which is NOW setup to record songs on the fly. I have plenty of outboard gear, mics, computer power (new Mac Pro), stellar interface/DAW (Apollo Twin / Protools), and a bunch of plugins. The beauty of this, we get to write and produce as much as we want with quality that will be radio ready. We'll have these songs available next year.

My background:

I've played in numerous bands: "Walk The Rio", "Cinder Red", "Circuit Assassins". I've toured and ages ago and won LA Ernie Ball Battle of the bands to play Warped Tour.

Other projects I'm currently involved in...

- Play bass for Goodnight Caulfield
- Solo project
- Sing (and various instruments) in a yacht rock cover band

Give me a shout.


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