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#295516 by Bleu
Sat Mar 20, 2021 12:15 pm
NYC/NJ/Conn Kybdist, Guitarist as well as a Female Bkgd Vocalist WANTED by Singer for paid work.

Gigs & Short Tours Currently Being Booked With Top Verifiable Agents. I'm doing gigs now with pick-up musicians & looking for 2 steady reliable musicians & a female bkgd sgr to complete a solid band.

The Show Focuses On Green's Classic Love Songs Of The 1970s.

Kybdist & Guitarist from the Black Church or Fusion players who can also sing at least some bkgd vocals preferred. Must Be RELIABLE with ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA, In The NYC/NJ/Conn Areas Only As Well As Have Experience, Equipment, Prefer the ages around 30-70.

Serious Responses With Resume, Picture & Links Of Your Playing/Singing To:

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