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Speakers, amps.

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#235026 by Former Night Watcher Drummer
Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:37 am
DJs, Sound Men, Bands, Studios anyone needing some quality equipment in very good condition, MAKE AN OFFER!!

The only, and I emphasize ONLY reason I am selling this equipment, is due to recent medical issues that prevent me from playing anymore. Can no longer play gigs or transport all of this stuff to & from gigs. I hate to let it go, it's taken years to acquire all of this. But I can't stand seeing it and not being able to use it.

When sending an email use 90GT in the subject line. Use link below to access CL ad.

2 complete Audix Drum Mic Kits.

2 almost brand new JBL 18 inch Subs. (Photo is not actual item, just used as an example)

2 JLB 15 inch Mains with horns. (Photo is not actual item, just used as an example)

2 Ultimate Telelock Speaker Stands.

Huge Amp Rack with Power Conditioner & Locking Casters. (photo is not actual unit, just an example)

24 Channel Behringer Mixing Board w/Case. All features work properly. Also has mono Sub out.

Smaller Behringer USB Mixing board already mounted in Amp Rack Mentioned above.

Behringer Vocal Effects Processor already mounted in Amp Rack Mentioned above.

And 3 PA power amps already mounted in Amp Rack mentioned above. 2 Behringer, 1 Crown.

Over 5500 watts of output power to Mains, Subs, then monitors. Plenty of power for medium to larger rooms. Excellent in an outdoor setting.

Also have all the speaker cable needed to run system.

Lighting Stands with Truss (Photo is not actual item, just used as an example)

Pacifics are made by DW. And are constructed of 100% maple.

This is an early version of the Pacific CX line. Indigo blue was only offered for a short period and by the time I purchased the 16x14 floor tom, (well over $200.00 alone) the closest the factory would get to Guitar Center was the Royal Onyx. So therefore the bigger of the 2 floor toms is a non-matching color, but ALL are 100% maple CX Series drums. I also upgraded the center tom holder to be able the adjust the 2 sides outwards. The original did not have the ability to do this.

What makes the Indigo blue so special? As you'll notice from the photos, the color changes in the light. They appear blue in some light, purple at times. In some cases you can see a red or maroon. It all depends on the light source. They will never look the same from the front, as they do from the side, because the light can never be exactly the same in both places.

This set can be configured with 2 toms up top and 2 floor toms. In which case the fact that the bigger floor tom is a slightly different color is less noticeable. Or as I have them, with the 3 smaller toms up top.

These drums are in as near new condition as possible, considering they were purchased in '03. They have only been out of the house to gig twice. Most use was done in house, recording. The toms have Aquarian heads, the kick has Evans, front & back. The kick is the only one that may need changed in the near future. I also have a ton of original Pacific top & bottom heads that you can try out. They have very little or no use at all on them.

If I can get the asking price quickly, I will also include bags.

I will also include the Tama drum rack, all clamps and connectors needed, snare stand, hi-hat stand and all the cymbal arms seen in photos. I usually played with 8-9 cymbals at a time. With this set up, there are NO cymbal stands on the floor. Only hi-hat, kick pedal, snare and rack. Very neat and organized on stage. Also provides better airflow around the set.

Cymbals included are as follows:

14 inch Sabian PRO Series Hi-Hats
16 inch Sabian B8 Pro Series Medium Crash
16 inch Zildjian Heavy Crash
16 inch Sabian PRO Series Studio Crash
17 inch Sabian PRO Series Stage Crash
18 inch Sabian PRO Series Studio Crash
18 inch Sabian Pro Sonix Series China
18 inch Zildjian Impulse Series China
20 inch Sabian B8 Pro Series Medium Ride
10 inch Sabian Pro Sonix Series Splash

Also have a pair of 8 & 10 inch Slingerland Concert Toms and a Tama 14x6.5 Snare that can be worked into the sale.

Any bands out there needing a quick fix set up, I will let every last piece of this go for a total of $3500 o/b/o CASH. Drums and all other equipment mentioned.

If you really need this equipment, and you're serious, and have cash, make an offer.

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