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Pristine Peavey Windsor 100w Tube Head for sale

PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2013 1:25 am
by brian560133
Selling a perfect condition Peavey Windsor 100w guitar Tube head. Looks and plays new. Three 12AX7 Pre amp tubes, and EL34 power amp tubes. $275.00.
Amp is in Gainesville, Fl. Buyer is responsible for pickup or shipping.
Badass tube head. It will go from crystal clean to rude '80s british metal with the sweep of the pre amp volume. Lead boost, an effects loop, separate low and high gain inputs, and a knob controlled sweep to change the power structure from class A to class A/B and any mix in between make this an awesome '60s - ''80s and beyond one-size-fits-all head that is loud enough for any venue!