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Speakers, amps.

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#270475 by GuitarMikeB
Tue Dec 13, 2016 2:33 pm
Hey Tread - old thread, poor old Capt Scott's long gone from this forum.

You missed the advantage of powered speakers - the built-in amps are designed to match the speakers. yeah, you've got run a power cable to them as well as the audio cable, but that's another advantage- running an XLR cable, you can run it hundreds of feet with no signal loss. the same cannot be said of speaker cable. Another advantage - need more power for a bigger venue or outdoor show? Just add more powered speakers. If you're running an 'all in one' mixer/amp combo or even a separate mixer and power amp, to add more speakers requires getting some type of splitter box to send the signals to the extra amp(s).
Powered speakers these days are very reliable (unless you pump a powered signal to them!)
QSC K series - I played through a pair of 12" 2 years ago ($800 each), outside, they sounded phenomenal. Of course the low end is 48 Hz on them, so if you want to push bass or kick through them at loud volume, you need a sub, but that's no different than any other speakers out there. Electrovoice makes some very nice-sounding 12" and 15" powered speakers under $1000 as well.

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