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#30827 by pHuel
Tue May 06, 2008 4:06 pm
Hey, just setting up shop in the synth dept after years of piano playing... so I have a sweet keyboard, but I'm finding it hard to set things up properly. Keyboard stands seem so flimsy, and eventually I'll be using two so I want to plan ahead for that as well... and a mic in the mix too, but that can be separate I guess.

Need to think up something that includes:
-stand ready for an 88key triton extreme, pref with two tiers.
-good keyboard amp ideas anyone?
-pedals and other effects processors --- what do people use?

I'll be wanting to stand up when I play, so those X-style ones get pretty narrow at my height!

I dunno which style is sturdy enough yet portable enough to gig with.....

Cheers fellow key buffs.

#31188 by lalong
Sat May 10, 2008 8:52 pm
The “On Stage” Two tier stand is solid as a rock. ... sku=450389

The bottom is rated for 500lbs and the top 75 lbs. I have it for about two years. Took maybe ½ hour for first assembly and like 5 minutes to break down/setup. Although it’s not exactly light, but folds up pretty decently. I get real rowdy sometimes and it doesn’t budge. You just get the Triton, how do you like it so far?

Effects are mostly the synths, but two are channeled through the other and I use additional effects off a mixer (Zoom 1266). No amplifier, since I’m just piped right into the computer and use its 5.1 sound system. I was thinking about putting one synth through a Zoom G2 to see how the effects would come out, could be interesting. Good luck pHuel, looking forward to hearing some interesting stuff from you. :)

#31724 by pHuel
Fri May 16, 2008 4:48 pm
got it - and it's solid. Thanks!

#31854 by Boyler
Mon May 19, 2008 10:57 am
I set up for live playing and not really for recording so i guess it depends what you want to do. I play a Yamaha Motif....still on the Motif 6 but seriously considering buying the new XS this year. On top of that I have a Korg N5ex and then a Roland JV2080 module. All midi'd together. I run those through a MotionSound KP200s which is a stereo speaker/amp with 200watts of output. Enough for practice and holds its own as an onstage monitor - however I run left/right xlr's out the back and into the desk for the main PA. Chose the motionsound because it was a decent hardworking stereo amp - don't get anything mono - you'll be so disappointed. I find using a Yam, Korg and Roland as my sound sources enables me to cover most sound sets I need (other than those classic sounds such as Moog/Oberheim etc).

#32711 by andythekeyboardgenius
Fri May 30, 2008 5:48 am
Yeah I agree Stereo is always better. I put two Yamaha MSR100 on the floor on either side of my stand angled up and it's like being "in" the Keyboard. And try and get your mains or front of house to run you in stereo as well, just make sure you don't have any patches that have elements panned too extremely. It helps achieve a better sound overall. BTW I have a Motif ES 6 and also owned the straight Motif 8, they both have some excellent analog type sounds like the Moogs Oberheims Arps, etc... The Es6 has this stock sound called Phat Dino that is just like the theme from the Rockford Files, a circa seventies TV Show... Mad Mad Minimoog

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