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#92697 by banddood
Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:14 pm
Awesome keyboard and case $750

Korg Triton Studio 61 key workstation and SKB Hardshell Keyboard Case

This is the Triton with internal hard drive, CD and floppy drive, and S/P DIF and SCSI I/O ports.

There are 512 classic Korg high quality patches in the first 4 banks, and the expanded midi patches are also available in bank G.

There are 7 expansion slots and you can also install the Moss card
In bank F. It has 120 note polyphony, 5 insert effects, 2 master effects. It also has a 16 track sequencer, and real time phrasing you can make to any key, along with two arpeggiators.

Every single key is in perfect working order, no stuck or lazy keys.
The touch screen is in good shape, no problems. I used this keyboard in two different bands 2004-2006 but it has been resting in its case for the last 3 years.

The case is a professional grade SKB case in its case 52x20x9 in excellent good condition. This keyboard kicks ass but I also have a Triton Extreme and have no need for it anymore. I also have the Basic guide and Parameter Guide for it.

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