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Drums and Accessories.

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#238882 by Shades8
Mon Jan 19, 2015 8:28 pm
1 - TD-6V Brain.
4 - PD-8 Pads.
1 - PD-125BK Snare.
1 - KD-85 Kick Pad.
1 - Tama Iron Cobra HP900R Pedal.
2 - CY-8 Cymbals with dual zones and choke capability.
1 - CY-13R Ride Cymbal with bell and bow connections.
1 - FD-8 High Hat Control Pedal.
1 - PM-3 100 Watt Personal Monitor with 2-50 Watt Satellite Speakers w/stand mounts.
1 - Stand.
All Cymbal and Pad Mounts.
All wiring.

Condition: Excellent.
Perfect for small club/bar gigs and home entertainment.
Retailed for $3000 New. Asking $1800...

The only reason I am selling is I now have an acoustic kit.
Phone: 281-744-3032


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