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Yamaha rock tour complete kit /w SKB case for equip/shells

PostPosted: Sun Jan 05, 2014 5:12 pm
by Jefforpresident
The drums are in really good condition, I just really need to sell them so make me an offer. All of the batter heads are upgraded to evans G1 heads and the bass drum batter head is an EMAD 2.

This is my Yamaha rock tour 4 piece complete drum kit. There are 2 Gator cymbal bags that can fit 8 cymbals each, I sold most of my cymbals when I stopped playing a year ago. This is everything included.

* Yamaha Rock Tour 4 pc drum kit -
* 14 x 6 snare
* 16 x 15 floor tom
* 12 x 8 rack tom w/ mount
* 22 x 18 bass drum
* SKB case for each drum and extra equipment
* Evans EQ Pad Bass Drum Pillow
* DW 5000 single bass drum pedal
* Yamaha 900 series double braced snare stand
* Yamaha 900 series double braced boom cymbal stand
* Tama Road Pro double braced boom cymbal stand
* Sound Percussion double braced boom cymbal stand
* Pork Pie round drum throne
* 2 Gator cymbal bags
* Zildjian K custom special dry hats
* Zildjian A custom medium ride
* Sabian B8 16" medium crash
* Sabian B8 14 " thin crash
* Extra Evans heads
* ddrum stick bag with jazz brushes, texture sticks, and mostly 5A sticks.
* Tambourine
* Extra drum mounting equipment

I stopped playing in a band a year ago and the kit just sits in its cases now. The kit is in great condition and the heads still have some life in them as well. I have some extra heads that are included.