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Drums and Accessories.

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#147373 by David Wayne Moore
Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:38 pm
Yamaha Maple Custom, Natural maple finish w/ gold lug casings
Bass 22 x 18
Toms: 10 x 10, 12 x 12, 13 x 13, 14 x 14, 16 x 16
Snare 14 x 7-1/2 All Brass

Yamaha Bass Drum Tom mount for 2
Yamaha Floor stand w/ Tom Mount fo 2
Yamaha Clamp on Mount for Tom
All HD
Tama Titan Straight STILT* Cymbal Stand
2 Tama Titan Boom STILT* Cymbal Stands
Tama Titan STILT* HighHat
Tama Titan Drum Throne
Tama Titan Snare Stand
Tama IRON COBRA* Double Bass Pedal
2 Gibraltar Clamp on Cymbal Holders
Gigraltar Cymbol Holder

Ziljian & Paste Cymbols
22" 2002 Ride
20" Z Medium Crash Ride
18" Z Medium Crash (2)
16" Paste Thin Crash
14" Z Hi Hats
Ziljian Cymbol Safe

Cases: Hulmes & Berg heavy duty, foam lined, custom sized. One for each drum
Hulmes & Berg Hardware Case w/ wheels. All the hardware fits in very nicely without complete disassembly
These Are Pro Drums in excellent condition
$3000.00 for all

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