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#143795 by darkswift
Sat Apr 02, 2011 2:55 pm
Hey, i was thinking about getting the rock drumming system but not sure about it. Anyone got this course or had experience with it?

It looks like the kinda thing i want. Something to study at home, but with video lessons instead of just reading from a book.

What you think?

#146763 by rushing
Wed May 18, 2011 12:26 am
I think one should learn your own style and what works for you,technique is up to you ,and everyone is doing the samething and sounding the same . :D rock or any music comes from inside not a book.But this is just my humble thought.

#146896 by rushing
Fri May 20, 2011 11:29 pm
Iv been playing for over 35yrs and have never taken a lesson or have had a teacher,the bottom line is being unique and standing out from everyone else and if i watch the same teaching videos or have the same person as you teaching me,guess what we are going to sound the same,i want to be different,example 99.99%of all drummers who can spin stick and play spin there stick backwards,why? because thats what everyone did ,me i spin them forward so am not like the rest,Keith moon is a great example of being one of a kind,never had a lesson or a teacher and if you get a chance to see a vid of him he used nothing but crash cymbels no hihat or ride and he sounds so unique that if you hear just the music you can pick him out every time.dont get me wrong a teacher can teach you the basics and thats fine but dont rely on cd vids and a teacher,be you and find you. :D

#146927 by rushing
Sat May 21, 2011 4:06 pm
you are right there is no right or wrong to this topic,whats good for you might not be my cup of tea,i just want to see a person in music bloom into a rose all its own color and not fall into a rut of depending on vid,cd and such,like i said before leaning the basics is cool and needed but take what you learn and make it yours :wink:

#155465 by mickmack22
Sun Oct 09, 2011 8:48 pm
I'm a self taught drummer who is currently taking lessons. Why? because I believe that two minds are better than one and the more drummers that you are able to learn from the better you can be. I learned very quickly that just listening to a track or watching a video is NOTHING like learning from a great drummer. A wonderful example of an amazing drummer who continues to redefine his playing is Neil Peart who recently has been studying with others continue to improve his abilities..

#155470 by gbheil
Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:52 pm
I'm no drummer ... but I've never seen a book or video that says no no no like THIS !

Hands on is always best when available.
Music is about human interaction.
We interact with our instruments, our band mates ( if that be the case ) our environment, and our teachers.

That being said, our drummer Steve is self taught.
Learning to pick up on audio tracks and copy sounds without copying exact technique.
He has been complemented several times on his ability to fall into line with a track in studio without the benefit of a click.

Either way ... in the end it's what we make of it ourselves.
#160071 by LeeDrums43
Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:44 pm
I disagree withthose that say they have never taken a lesson and learned on their own. I have the same system as well as "The Complete Drumming System". It has helped me progress at a much faster rate. I do believe one on one lessons are important too, but make sure you research your instructor first . Drummers that learn solely on their own and refuse to read music will never be a well a rounded "Musician". It's fine to learn on your own if youplay just for fun. Sure fun is part of it, but a well rounded drummer/musician will be able to work with guitar players and singers etc..when putting together an original song. I learned cover tunes by ear for yrs and never took a lesson, but working on originals and making them a great song requires knowing how to read music, not just drums, knowing guitar music will most definitely make it much easier to compose a song, sure you can do an priginal song of the cuff, but will it be great? All my favorite drummers, guitar players and singers know how to read music as well as they took lessons and can read music. So get this system and it will help you understand timing and to read drum notation. In the long run you be glad you did, and later get the "Complete Drumming System" as well. And find a educated drum teacher, you will progress so much faster trust me, a teacher will challenge you and help you see things you may not see. I've played drums for over 25yrs and I know a lot of covers, but in the last 3yrs with lessons and drumming DVDs, I've learned more than ever, and I can tell my playing is much better and my timing is spot on more than before! I'm 43 and I wish I would have done this when I first started playing 25yrs ago! And if you plan on being a working musician orstart a band, not be a well rounded musician, you more than likely will not have what it takes to make it! It's the honest truth, there are cocky musians and they come a dime a dozen, but being hard headed will not make you a successful musician. Sure you'll play clubs and probably be really good, but the music business won;t recognize that. Try going into the studio to record an album with a great producer, you won't go far being a self taught drummer.
#160075 by LeeDrums43
Fri Dec 16, 2011 12:09 am
I also agree that becoming your own is imporatant and not solely depending on videos, CDs,click track etc... Learning the fundamentals though is impoartant, but don't copy someone elses style, I take a little from many styles to get my own. I don't always play covers perfectly, but really close. Sometimes I feel inspired to put my own twist on a cover, and that's perfectly okay! Doing originals is totally a differnt deal. Sure you can come up with drum parts off the cuff, and that is okay as well, but like I said learning drum notation and it realation to guitar parts, the lyrics, etc... helps a song develop much smoother. And with drumming, timing is essential. Everything about a song has to do with timing and being really good at timing will take you a long way! Knowing when a parts are going to change and being submursed in the song is a true talent. I'm also taking lessons on keyboard so I will be able to compose songs better and understand how to put a song together better. Many great singers, drummers, and guitar players write songs on a piano or keyboard. I haven't heard many musicians that do not believe in lessons or reading music, atleast not great musicians! May be about 5% of musicians that made it big didn't learn to read music or take lessons, those are the ones that are truely gifted, andI mean gifted in the sense that they have a phtogrphic memory and a super high IQ, I'm not in that category at all, LOL. I work hard at being good, and it pays off, not that I'm a big star, but that I'm way more satisfied with my playing and my ability to learn even more without much struggle as before! So I hope I was able to give a different idea to think about andI pray that you will blossom into a awesome well rounded drummer and most of all a great musician! Music of all kinds ismy passion and it's what makesme tick, whether I'm playing or listening to my favoritesons that inspire me to be better!

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