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Need to establish value of an old ES 125D

PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:07 am
by ScottB
Hi all. I'd like to sell a guitar but need to come up with a fair price. The guitar is a Gibson ES125D. According to my initial research the only year that this guitar had 2 pickups was in 1957, and there were only 27 made. I have examined the pick up routing and it seems to be factory cut for both the neck and bridge PU. Both P90's appear similar and for these reasons I think this guitar was born with two pu's and not modified later. That makes me think it is a legitimate '57. It is however missing the Factory Order Number that should be stamped under the treble F hole, and the model stamp (ES 125D) under the bass side F hole. The wood in these areas don't seem to have ever had a stamp / no evidence of removal. There are holes for 3 pots that I assume are volume (neck), volume (bridge) and master tone. Most pictures I have seen of these have 4 holes you would associate with a 335 or LP. I have seen a picture of one with 2 holes only as well however so I'm not sure that with only 27 made the configuration was written in stone. I am hoping someone can clarify this. One of the P9-'s has low output. I haven't messed with it to see if it could be fixed. It has the original finish and looks to be a player I would rate as fair. No repairs. The pick guard is not original. Knobs seem correct as does the switch tip. It has had a fret job and the frets are wider than what was in it. They are a bit worn with some flat spots but plenty of fret to dress a couple times i would think. Tuner tips are all in good shape. They are the white plastic inline ones typical of student models. The original pots are sticky and i don't know if they can be brought back. It looks like the wrong cap is in it. (600V .095 uf) so definatly some harness work as well as whatever it takes to get the low output pu up to snuff. The guitar plays very well now and with a fret dress would intonate perfectly i think. I'll have to go to the studio to get some pictures but I hope this is enough info to start to ball park the value. I'm looking to sell this for a friend. who hasn't really touched it for 25 years and is starting to think it may need a new home. Thanks for looking!