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#258316 by tom1124500
Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:52 pm
I have a USA HSS Strat in Butterscotch Blonde that I am looking to see to an appreciative home. The guitar was bought as a gift that never ended up being given and as such is basically in new condition (it still has the plastic peel off on the pick plate). Although I didn't know years ago when I bought it, it seems that this particular variant is fairly rare as it was apparently only made in about an eighteen month window between late 2004 and early 2006 (mine's 2005). Am finding it not so easy to price fairly as the only other one that I have been able to find where they do actually have the guitar available for sale is in the UK rather than here in Dallas.

I'm open to advice on pricing, good places to sell rarer pieces, or just outright offers. Fender Strap and Fender Hard Case included by the way.


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