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#135082 by Douglas Rawlings
Tue Dec 28, 2010 4:12 pm
Capt Scott wrote:Fundamental to this game.

If you buy a guitar for 1K, say.

Don't think you will be getting 900$ for that guitar.


USED IS USED, you want to buy new? Ok then.

Just don't sh*t and call it mud because it still feels, smells, tastes and looks like what it is.

Too many thieves around here already!

word....nothing depreciates like music gear....

#140374 by Prevaler
Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:22 am
That's the reason I bought a Squier Strat instead of a Fender... I was going to drop $1500 on an American made Strat. I compared the Indonesian made Squier and the Fender. To my suprise, the Squier played better, feel and tone, than the Fender. I couldn't believe it, nor at that point could I justify the price of the Fender. I put about $500 worth of upgrades... trees, pickups, bridge, etc. a little work on the neck that I would have done to the Fender anyway and I wound up with a really hot guitar. Initial cost $129 @ GC... If I ever get tired of it it I'll just strip it and use it as a stage prop for demolition. Go get another and do it all over again. Of course this one was probably a one of a kind fluke and the next one will be cheap crap like it's supposed to be.

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