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#10 by BMix
Thu Jun 30, 2005 3:47 pm
Fellow Musician:

We urge you to get your hands on the MUSIC INDUSTRY GUIDE. Why? Because if you're like most musicians you have great music but little or no idea how or where to go to promote it.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING.... get the MUSIC INDUSTRY GUIDE. In it you will find virtually EVERYTHING you will need to record, broadcast, perform, publish, distribute, put to film, and sell your CD!

NO B.S.!

Here's what you get:

Major and Independent Record Labels (all genres)
Promoters (Regional and National)
Radio Stations (Commercial and Non-commercial, All genres including Christian and Gospel) National and Regional Press Festivals (In your area) Producers Engineers Tour Support Fan Management Film contacts Booking Agents Canadian College Radio and Performing Venues United States College Radio and Performing Venues Merchandisers Publicists Internet Radio Weekly and Daily Newspapers and more!

No serious musician should be without the MUSIC INDUSTRY GUIDE. Don't place your music or your career in the hands of ANYONE before checking out the MUSIC INDUSTRY GUIDE.

For more information visit

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