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#21 by BMix
Wed Nov 02, 2005 1:23 am

Artists' Letters

Dear Independent Artist:

Let's do a LIVE One-Hour Prime-Time Radio Show about your music on The ArtistFirst World Radio Network!

ArtistFirst World Radio is offering Independent Bands, Musicians, Authors & Artists

their own prime-time one-hour Radio Special.

Over 11 million listeners worldwide have enjoyed the \"Best New Music They\'ve Never Heard\" on ArtistFirst World Radio.

ArtistFirst is a Web Radio Station & CD/Book Distributor. We send a clean clear static-free FM Stereo signal worldwide 24/7.

We only play Independent Artist music, interviews and shows.

Anyone on-line can tune-in on their PC, anywhere in the world by clicking: or logging on to and clicking a \"Click here to listen\" button.

We welcome and feature all styles of music on The ArtistFirst Radio Network. Hundreds of thousands of listeners tune-in each month to hear around-the-clock music, live interviews, and special broadcasts exclusively centered around Independent Artists. Our mission is to help Independent Artists get the exposure they deserve. ArtistFirst has helped hundreds of Bands, Musicians, Artists, Authors etc. get heard in virtually every corner of the earth. Independent Artists deserve to be heard.

We are the network of independent artists that puts the Artist - First! (what a concept!)

Here is how we do it. An ArtistFirst DJ interviews you LIVE over the phone, while we play cuts from your CD from the station. (You send us materials in advance). DJ will read e-mails live on-air as they come in during your broadcast. Some bands give away an autographed CD.

Listeners follow along as we direct them to your website & post stuff about you on our website. Our listeners regularly surf the web while they listen to our station. Web Radio is interactive radio worldwide.

We tape all Live shows.

And yes you can afford it because there is no fee.

We ask the Artist to make a donation to the station in ANY amount they wish. No kidding. Whatever you wish! Name your price for Air Time!

Yes you do have to \"pay\" for your promotion, however we let you decide the cost. Can you think of ANY other radio station or product or service anywhere that let\'s you decide what an item costs?

We wish we could just \"give it away\" but reality is that maintaining a 24/7 worldwide broadcasting network, designed to help never-heard-of independent artists is expensive, labor intensive and not very profitable!

Your donation in any amount helps keep the dream alive and affordable for all Independent Artists.

Also by using a donation based promotion, ANY Artist can afford to be heard. What\'s your plan to reach thousands of listeners, for an hour..... for whatever donation you care to make?

If you would like a list of dates and times still available for a show, please contact us.

We have detailed instructions & information we can e-mail you if you\'d like to consider and prepare for a LIVE show. The instructions will answer most of your questions.

but wait there\'s more! ...... (sounds like a TV ad!)

Your show will be recorded by the station engineer while the show is airing live. A few days following your show a link will appear on the \"Archive\" section of our website. The Archive has a couple hundred of our most recent shows that can be listened to free on-demand and also download free. Your show will remain there for 2 months.

How often does the opportunity come along to have a 1-hour world-wide radio special about your project?

No it\'s not too good to be true, in fact it\'s way over due, and shows what happens when Artists help Artists! 3,000+ Bands have already been featured from 27 countries.

Please send materials to:





We hope to be of service,


ATTN: Raphael / VP

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