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#18 by BMix
Wed Sep 21, 2005 10:04 pm
Inspired by the life of Daniel Pearl, who was murdered by terrorists in 2002 in Pakistan, Music Days connects thousands of diverse groups, using the universal language of music, to diminish hatred, respect differences and inspire "Harmony for Humanity."

You can join Music Days by adding a dedication to any musical event you already have scheduled or by organizing a special event during October 1-10, 2005. Artists with musical events - large or small, amateur or professional - are encouraged to register their concerts at and to make a dedication from stage or in a written program. There is no fundraising or financial obligation to participate.

Harmony for Humanity e-Stage will be introduced this October with a web-based collection of selected words and music inspired by Daniel Pearl and the pursuit of tolerance and diversity. A dedicated internet radio station will play original music and playlists with the themes that echo Harmony for Humanity. Participants can contribute by submitting music, lyrics, poems, articles or suggested playlists. Please visit for more information.

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