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#17 by BMix
Wed Aug 17, 2005 3:08 pm
Battle of the Bands

Filmed for TV

Kickoff - Tuesday, September 13, 2005 First performance 9 p.m.

Underground Bluz (West)

Kirkman & Conroy Road

Orlando, Florida

*We\'re looking for a band that has an awesome sound

*Great stage presence

*Professional performance

*Unique dress and attitude a plus

*and Equipment

Band competition will be filmed for TV

Bands will perform full set for live audience to include:

Must learn and perform 2 pre-selected original songs
Perform one cover song
Optional - Perform band\'s original song

Winning band receives:

$500.00 cash
TV/Internet Exposure of 4,000,000+ viewers
DVD copy of final show
Press Promotion
Magazine and newspaper featured article
Feature page on website
Appointed to \"Pipersville\" Honorary Court
Opportunity to play with The Piper on National and International Tour including Singapore, China and Hong Kong
Perform live with The Piper on TV Show \"Piper\'s Pics\" and a host of other venues.

Register your band today:
Slots are filling up quickly!

Questions 407-649-9155

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