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Music Call - Los Angeles, CA.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2005 3:50 pm
by BMix
The Show Director for an action sports/entertainment company here in Los Angeles. We put on medium to large-scale action sports events across the country, as well as internationally. Our events all air on national networks (this year on OLN and CBS), as well as international distribution to 140 countries worldwide. I\'m seeking music to air during our TV shows. Although we do not provide monetary compensation for the music we clear within our shows, we do provide amazing national/international TV exposure to up & coming bands, as well as those bands that perform on-site at our numerous events. This exposure includes:

-> in-show, on-screen band and song credits for song clips used exceeding :10 seconds
-> rolling credits for all bands with song clips used below :10 seconds
-> website coverage for ALL music that airs in every Mobile Skatepark Series TV show, listing the songs that aired in each show with weblinks to band websites
-> website coverage for all bands that play on-site at our events, including photos, band bios and set times - with links to bands and song clips (if allowed by each band)
-> press release and media/marketing inclusion

We also report all music that airs through our TV shows to both ASCAP and BMI.

Submit your music CD\'s, bio and photos to:

ASA Events
c/o VB
13468 Beach Avenue
Marina del Rey, CA 90292